Thursday Photo Prompt: Keep #writephoto

write-photo-16-jan.jpg (300×400)


They tried to keep it secret  
They tried to keep her safe  
She was a lovely lady  
She’s sometimes called a waif.  
Up in the tower hidden  
with no one there to call  
She dreamed about her savior  
climbing the stone wall.  
To her dismay it never  
Came to be her fate  
She never got to see him  
The Prince, he was her date.  
He tried to find his lady  
in every hidden place.  
He never found his lady  
Not in this stony place.  
Both they died together  
in places alone, they died  
They never got to meet  
Even though the Prince had tried. 

©2020 C Bialczak 


Thursday Write Photo: Shimmer

Our Love 

As I sit and I ponder all of my days 
thinking about all that I do. 
I think of ideas and all of the ways 
I show all my love to you. 

So here I am now at the edge of my life 
wondering where you will be  
when I think of you there being my wife 
You’re a spot on the shimmering sea. 

Your lights there to guide me but just for today 
and for all of the days yet to come. 
Your love with give me a reason to stay 
The strings of our love I will strum.