Tale Weaver – #268 – Medical – 26th March


This isn’t really a tale, it’s a poem. I think it still fits the challenge.

Let us heal

Let us put a bandaid 

Upon the world tonight 

Before we loss our loved ones 

Pain defines our plight.  

We hope to stick together 

To end this evil bug 

To bring the world some healing 

To find a useful drug.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2020/03/26/tale-weaver-268-medical-26th-march/

Sunday Writing Prompt “Make a Wish”


By a means of your choosing you come into the possession of a magical lamp. This lamp contain a D’jinn. He offers you three wishes. The standard limitations apply to your wishes. You can’t ask for unlimited wishes. You can’t wish for someone to fall in love with you and so on. Will you outsmart the genie by carefully wording your wishes or will you bring misfortune on yourself? If you choose the misfortune route you can either go humorous or horror the choice is yours! https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2020/03/22/sunday-writing-prompt-make-a-wish/

Make a Wish

Becca was going through the pile of junk her brother had tossed down from the attic. Losing their dad had been hard enough, but now mom was gone too. It was the way of life, you’re born, you live, you die. Becca still had tears streaming down her face as she sifted through the boxes. There was too much stuff here to just put outside for a FREE pile, without knowing what all this stuff was. Also, anything left outside now would have to be waterproof based on the snow in tonight’s forecast. The last thing her and Paul needed was to drag in a bunch of wet, ruined items to then throw away.  

Becca was almost at the end of the rummaging when she felt cold metal tucked under what looked like an old placemat. She moved the placemat away and was surprised to see a Magic Lamp. Now, Becca knew that was just some fairy tale, but she couldn’t help imagining what she would wish for. She looked around for Paul, but he must have already gone out to the garage.  

“Aw, what the heck, it can’t hurt!” Becca said as she rubbed the side of the lamp. She chuckled to herself, thinking how silly she must look rubbing an old oil lamp! 

“Master, you have awakened me from my slumber.” 

Becca fell back against the hallway wall, shocked, holding her breath, not sure whether she should believe what was in front of her or not. She was probably just in one of those dreams where just about everything seems so real to life. She’d wake up and realize she was just being a goof! 

“No, Master, I am real, and you are not dreaming. I am a genie and you are now granted three wishes.” 

Becca still couldn’t talk, couldn’t shift her eyes, couldn’t move, as she stared, mesmerized by the figure before her.  

“Uh, three wishes?” Becca asked. 

“Yes, just three. And remember the rules. No wishing for more wishes, no wishing for true love, no wishing for someone to die, and no wishing for someone to become alive again, it just doesn’t work that way.” 

Becca smiled. This had to be a dream. The only problem with her dream theory is that she could hear Paul moving boxes around in the garage and she could feel the short bristles of the hallway carpeting.  

“Okay, genie, if I have three wishes then I wish everyday would be sunny and warm, around 70 degrees, so I can always be outside and feel the beautiful sunshine on my face.” 

“Wish granted.” 

Becca stood up and went to the window. She could feel the heat of the sun radiating through the window. This couldn’t be. It was supposed to snow tonight! She unlatched the window and slid it up just enough to put her hand up to the screen. It was warm! What was going on? She had to get Paul. If this was real, he would be feeling the sun and warmth right now too. 

“Paul! Hey, Paul! Where are you?” Becca yelled as she walked down the stairs. 

“I’m out here in the driveway,” Paul responded. 

Becca walked out through the garage to see Paul sprawled out on the blacktop, shirt tossed onto the grass.  

“Becca, I have no idea what is going on, but this weather is awesome! I thought it was supposed to snow. Now it’s sunny and probably at least 70 degrees out here!” 

She had to tell him. 

“Paul, I did this. I wished for it to happen.” 

“Yeah, okay sis, whatever you say. And I will wish for this house to be empty, all cleaned out, done! I’m sick of looking through junk.” 

“I can wish that for you for my second wish. I have two more you know.” 

“Yeah, sure, make that be your second wish! Hahaha, you make me laugh. Like I’m supposed to believe we live in some fairy tale that you got three wishes. What’d you find, an old Magic Lamp too?” Paul laughed as he leaned back on his elbows, enjoying the warmth of the sun.  

“Well, actually, yeah.” Becca turned on her heel and knew at that moment she had to get the lamp, to show him it was real. Becca went back in the house. She was gone for only a minute or two before appearing in front of Paul out on the driveway. 

“See!” Becca exclaimed. “I told you it was true! It was wrapped in an old placemat in one of those boxes. Watch this. When I rub it the genie will come out.” 

Paul rolled his eyes.  He realized he might have to call a doctor if she continued with this hallucination of hers. It must be all the stress from mom dying, he thought.  

Becca rubbed the lamp and POOF! A genie appeared, hovering in the air above the spout of the Magic Lamp.  

“See, I told you!” Becca smiled.  

Paul stood in shock, not knowing whether he should believe what was in front of his eyes or run and hide from some stupid prank his sister was playing. He stood, wide eyed, mouth hanging open. 

“Oh my God! Becca, this is true! Holy shit. Yeah, wish for the house thing. That would save us a lot of time! And there is nothing here that either of us want anyhow. It’s all stuff to donate.” 

Becca told the genie what she wanted her second wish to be. “Genie, I wish that all of the things in mom’s house were gone, sent to the donation center, so that we can just sell this house.” 

Suddenly, with a small tremble, the lamp fell out of her hand. In an instant it was gone! She looked at Paul. What happened? They both turned toward the garage and were in awe when they saw the garage was empty and clean. Paul ran into the kitchen and opening drawers and cabinets, saw that everything WAS gone.  

“Paul, but what happened to the lamp?” Becca asked her brother. 

“Becca, was that your second or third wish?” 

“Second, why?” 

“I think you wished the Magic Lamp to be gone with the rest of mom’s things. At least the house is done! Let’s lock up and we can go over to the donation center and see if we can find the lamp so you can have your third wish,” Paul offered her hope. 

“Yeah, sure, nothing else to do about it. I hope I find it. If I do, I’m making my third wish that the house sells immediately. I want to be done with all of this and go home, for good. This is too much stress!” 

©2020 CBialczak Fiction

Wordle #180

Wordle 180
Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2020/03/09/wordle-180-2/

Slowly, he crept low to the ground, grazing a leaf on the undergrowth, around the corner with saliva dripping down his chin. He had a specific cacoethes to bring something of quality home to his children. He typically found scraps of premium quality, but cavil with the meager scraps put in the dumpsters he was unsure of his success. It was at the last diner where he could bank on the stoic cook to leave something exceptional. Often it was left on a glass plate by the door, needing only a quick swipe and he could head home. He wanted to prod the other places, letting them know his need, his children were hungry.  

First Line Friday

For: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2020/02/28/first-line-friday-february-28th-2019/#like-19615

Everyone breathed easier at the first signs of spring.

Everyone breathed easier at the first signs of spring. It was finally a time where oil didn’t seem so necessary and walking instead of taking a taxi was possible. For those in the New York suburb, life wasn’t the suburbia people talk about. Their home was only an extension of the ghetto and their lack of resources only reinforced that.
When the weather finally warmed enough that the pipes couldn’t freeze anymore and when standing outside was no longer a danger, we knew it was finally the time of year where a penny would go further than the bills piling up on the counter. We could now bank on the idea that walking was not only good exercise, it was a way to save money. When it comes to $25 for a taxi or $25 for a stop at the market, walking seemed perfectly acceptable.
Spring was a time of rebirth and we knew that it was the time to start rebuilding and getting ready for the next winter. It took that long, but it was worth it. New York was a beautiful state and although their suburb was not desirable to many, they called it home.

Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, February 26th 2020, Cherry Tree In Full Bloom

cherry trees in full bloom Japan

Tiny buds open into light pink flowers
Bees buzz for nectar and birds perch for the warmth of the branches
Spring is coming and the world is beginning to awaken.

Light pink flowers bloom
To spread life and joy around
For all to enjoy.

©2020 CBialczak Haibun

For: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2020/02/26/heeding-haiku-with-chevrefeuille-february-26th-2020-cherry-tree-in-full-bloom/#like-19600

Loss leading me to live: Sunday Writing Prompt

Sunday Writing Prompt “Life Changing” https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2020/02/23/sunday-writing-prompt-life-changing/
So for this prompt I want you to think of something or someone that has changed your life and discuss in what ways your life changed. It could be a medication, a piece of technology, a near death experience, an epiphany you had while in the shower, a television show, a sibling. The possibilities are endless!

In 2018, I became a widow. I was told by several people that I would need to get used to my new life. When I heard this, I knew it was true, but it was unfair, because I didn’t choose any of it. In 2019, I lost my son. This was the ultimate game changer. With the help of counseling and the support of loved ones I have come to realize that I need to make choices that are for me! How is this a change? Well, when I look at my past, there is nothing that I regret, and certainly wouldn’t change my marriage or children, but I do see times when I made decisions, not on what I wanted, but on what I felt was “right”.

So, now that I have begun to learn what this means I was actually put to the test a few weeks ago. I was given the chance to possibly get back teaching in a classroom. I was appreciative of the offer and felt good to be asked, but when I thought about it I said to myself, “I don’t want to be in a classroom again.” Since my last teaching job I had told the students I worked with that I was there to stay as a teacher. My students meant a lot to me. That was an honest statement. I told them I would only leave if it were to progress in my career and get an Assistant Principal job or something like that.

When I didn’t go back this past fall, I felt badly. I didn’t tell the kids, I didn’t even know I wasn’t going back. After my son passed I just couldn’t go work with adolescents again. It was too painful. To this day I have always hoped that they knew I wasn’t teaching at another school. So when this opportunity was presented, not only did I not want to be in the classroom again, I thought how much it would hurt those students who I had told I would be there for. I would have felt bad if they learned I was teaching at another school, not with them. I know this is what life is about, and that not all things go the way we plan, but when I declined the opportunity to get back in the classroom, I knew I was making the right decision. I felt good about it for myself, and for keeping my word to those children I hope I have touched in some way.

Learn to Relax

Written for MLMM Wordle #169 https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/13680591/posts/2601211837

If you need a winner 
Phronesis you shall need 
Blink just once 
Roll your eyes 
It’s different than greed. 

But if you want some silence 
Then shrink into your skin 
Bite your tongue 
Hold your hand 
Breath deep to begin.  

Think of only feathers 
light as cotton balls 
Find a source 
Hunker down 
Peace and quiet calls.  

parade of silence comes now 
to hoist you into peace 
Grab a pillow 
And a pad, 
A blanket made of fleece. 

If you think you need it 
Some smelly oil works 
to calm your mind 
cleanse your soul 
A few smells have some quirks. 

Does this idea baffle you? 
Make you wonder why 
various means 
different ways 
The best things you can try.  

So go ahead and try it 
there’s nothing you can lose 
close your eyes 
breathe real deep 
The worst you’ll do is snooze.  

©2020 CBialczak

Tale Weaver – #261 – Tale Weaver/Fairy Tale – Wizard – 6th February

Once upon a time there was a wizard. He lived alone in his castle, for he had no one to love. Each morning he would wake and go to his laboratory. He would mix a bit of this and a tad of that until he knew his mixture was perfect. He would lean over the mixture, breath in the vapors and make a wish. Now, nobody ever heard him wish for anything and no one knew he even wanted anything else in his life.

One day a young maiden with long, golden locks of hair happened upon his front stoop. “This is a lovely front stoop for such a dark and gloomy castle,” she said. She reached up to knock on the door when it swung open suddenly. The young maiden was so startled that she stumbled backwards, falling off the stoop and landing in the grass, just nearly missing the edge of the moat. The wizard, worried that the maiden was hurt, reached down to help her up.

The maiden took the wizards hand and allowed him to help her up from the grass. She quickly brushed the dirt and pieces of debris from her dress and glanced back to where she had landed. “My, I am lucky! I could have fallen in the moat and drowned! I don’t even know how to swim!”

The wizard smiled. “I would have saved you before you drowned.”

“Why would you have done that? Do you know how to swim?”

“I would have done that because it would have been my instinct to save you.”

With that, and some relief that she was safe, the maiden followed the wizard into his castle. She looked all around the great hall and noticed a table with a vase full of wildflowers. She noticed a soft couch with a colorful, hand-knit blanket neatly folded on the armrest. There was a desk for writing, a table for playing games, an easel for painting, and a mat for stretching in the morning. “This is a beautiful home you have,” the maiden told the wizard.

“It is just my humble abode. Would you care to stay?” the wizard asked.

“I would love that! I have been wanting to move out of my home, to gain freedom from my nasty stepmother and this is just what I was looking for!”

And so the maiden moved in with the wizard.

From that day on, the wizard awoke each morning and went to his laboratory. He would mix a bit of this and a tad of that until he knew his mixture was perfect. He would lean over the mixture, breath in the vapors and thank the Gods for his beautiful friend whom he loved very much.

The End

©2020 CBialczak


Wordle #164

Mythy’s Strawberry Patch

Once upon a time there was a woman who the townsfolk called a Mythomanepenned Mythy for short, as she was known for her outrageous stories. It was so well known that she even called herself Mythy. Well it was a new morning and Mythy knew she would have to spend the day picking the most perfect strawberries for her well-known jam. She would make a batch, load it in her wide wagon, and swivel through the busy streets selling her product.  

Mythy set out this morning to get her berries. She left the front door and started walking down the walkway, as if she were a model on a runway. She used the lightest steps, so as not to hurt any insects crawling along in their little clusters. Within moments Mythy was at her strawberry patch where the lightest strawberriesperfect in shape and size, grew. After a few hours of picking Mythy felt like her day had been cheated by busy work. Euchred, she sat down amongst her prize strawberries and cried. She knew she would never complete her jam today.  

©2020 CBialczak