E.M.’s Sunday Ramble Prompt #22

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Here are the questions:

  1. If people get a purple heart for bravery, what do the other colors of hearts mean? (Make up your own heart meanings and colors.) Red is for showing love to your fellow soldiers, Orange is for ______________, Yellow is for having a good disposition almost all of the time, Green is for being willing to deal with whatever nature has dealt without complaining, Blue is for having a positive attitude about the future.
  2. If you were given $5 Million to open a small museum, what kind of museum would you create? Art – all kinds of art, glass, pottery, paintings…Things that aren’t necessarily from famous artists but maybe at least one piece from each person who thinks that they have made something beautiful. I’d limit it to one piece each because that will certainly fill a whole museum.
  3. if you could build a themed hotel, what would the theme be and what would it look like? It would be a spa. There would be sandy beaches that never looked dirty and NEVER had litter. There would be comfortable cabanas set up for every single guest. There would be drink fountains so you never got thirsty and an open bar for those who like to imbibe. There would be fresh fruit available and cold foods like ice cream and sherbet. Everyone that worked there would be smiling, at least on the outside, and there would be no foul language, no arguments, and nothing loud. I think I am watching too many Sandles Resorts commercials! Lol.
  4. What would the adult version of an ice cream truck sell, look like, and play for its song? It would sell every flavor of ice cream, especially chocolate. It would look like one of the old Milkman trucks. It would have a nice peaceful piano music that never repeated.
  5. What animal would be the cutest if it was down-sized to the size of a cat? A giraffe. I’d get one in a heartbeat. Elephants are also adorable. My first inclination is to say Capybara, but I already have two guinea pigs so that one has sort of already occurred.

EM’s Sunday Ramble

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Here are the questions:

  1. What is at least one thing that makes you happy today? David went shopping and came home with beautiful flowers for me! He went out again and bought me a cart for my workshop. The flowers were the best!
  2. What is one thing that happened last week that made you feel positive and happy? I finally made the decision that when I have to go back up north at the end of May I am going to make the drive. First, I love the drive, but I also love the time to do whatever I want, stop when I want, keep going when I want. Then when I’m up north I don’t have to worry about catching a plane and renting a car. I’m just relieved.
  3. What is your positive personal mantra? (Mantra means “a statement or slogan repeated frequently” via Oxford Dictionary.) I’m really lucky to have all that I do have including my daughter, my dad, my husband and all my other friends and family, even though I have lost so much, I am still blessed with a lot.
  4. What is the nicest act you secretly did for someone? I am the type of person that if I see a mess I clean it up, whether it’s mine or not. I think I do helpful/nice things for people all the time, just because. One thing that I feel “qualifies” is the time about a month or two ago that I paid for the girl’s stuff behind me, since she only had two things and I had a whole cart – that way she didn’t have to wait.
  5. What is one hobby you would like to try? I would love to try more woodwork but with bigger things like real furniture, not miniatures.
  6. Bonus Question: What is your go-to song to belt out in the shower? I don’t have one…I don’t sing in the shower unless music is already playing.

E.M.’s Sunday Ramble Prompt #19

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This week’s topic is:

“High School Days“.

Photo by Ivan Samkov on Pexels.com

Here are the questions:

  1. What is one thing you remember about your first day of high school? Sadly, I have absolutely no recollection of starting high school. I can recall many things but not as much as I would like. I suppose some of it was that my mother had cancer when I was around that age, so maybe that clouds many memories. If I really sit and think about it, obviously more memories appear.
  2. Did you participate in extracurricular activities or sports in high school? I played Field Hockey and one year did make-up for the school play, Man of La Mancha. I tried track a bunch of times. I was in the band so we had a lot of outside practice for that, especially when parades and concerts were coming up. We used to have a half-time show for the weekly football game. The marching band did a full show. At the time we all hated it and loved it at the same time. Some of those games were cold though! Especially the ones around Thanksgiving!
  3. Was Freshman hazing or initiations at trend at your high school? Not that I knew of.
  4. Did you attend your Senior Prom? If so, do you remember the theme? I don’t recall any proms having themes. Maybe on comes to mind, Under the Sea, but I may be making that up in my own head. I do remember the Senior Prom! My mom had a pre-Prom party for the whole grade. Everyone was invited with their dates and the parents could come and take pictures. She had made tons of food and I remember going in the backyard and front yard for pictures. I remember limos lining the street! I also remember my date, God rest his soul. Alex…I broke up with Ken, my boyfriend, about a week or two before the Prom. Alex didn’t have a date so we decided to go together. Well, when almost all the limos left my house that night, Alex still hadn’t gotten there. I was the hostess for God’s sake! Next thing I know I see him stumbling down our road toward our house, wasted off his gourd. I was so upset. That night he ended up spending the whole time with a girl in our “group” and I ended up getting back together with Ken. So many mistakes were made then…Lol! My mom had made my prom dress for me that year. Picture below…
  5. Is there a favorite memory from your high school days? I have a lot of great memories from High School. More than from college. I remember climbing into Gretta’s giant station wagon, Me, Gretta, and Amy all in the big front seat. I also remember Dan, God rest his soul, picking me up at my house in his tiny toyota truck. It would be him, Amy, Gretta (I believe), and another boy…The five of us would jam into the little tiny truck, waving goodbye to my mom! We were usually on our way to buy beer, under-aged of course at that time. I remember being in the band with Kristen P and Kristin B! Band trips, parades, half-time shows….Wow, if I keep going I could do this all night………..

E.M.’s Sunday Ramble

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Here are the questions:

  1. The greatest feeling in the world is when I: think about when my kids were little and how sweet and kind they both were. They were both so cute and never fussy. I was so lucky to have such good children.
  2. The one thing that I misplace more than anything is my: tape measure. I swear I have a bunch of them but whenever I need to measure something I can’t find a single one! Also, my craft scissors. I only use them while at my work bench but must carry them off in a daze!
  3. When I am stressed out, the one item/person/thing that always makes me get back to feeling okay is: either David or Lindsay. David is always available to talk to. He is a great listener and always has something kind to say. Lindsay is more of a “get my shit together” type of support. She helps me see reality.
  4. When I am sick, the only thing I want is: a Coke if I am stomach sick, my bed if I am feverish, and a box of tissues if I am runny and/or stuffed up.
  5. Whenever I feel like I am procrastinating, I fix it by: getting a bunch of things done. I make a list and make sure I try to check it all off. I secretly cannot stand procrastinating and find myself keeping my lips tight when I notice someone else around me doing so. Why not just get done what needs to be done and then guess what?!?!?! Yes, you’re done!

Just a few extras to go with the rambling…..

My heart melts when I look at my dog and he is standing with his little front feet pigeon-toed!
My heart aches when I think about my son.
My heart beats crazy when I see David after a long day apart.
My heart calms when I hear happiness in my daughter’s voice.

E.M.’s Sunday Ramble Prompt #15

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This week’s topic is “Kitchen and Food“.

Here are the questions:

  1. When you are in the kitchen cooking (or cleaning), do you have anything playing in the background (i.e.,TV, music, Julia Childs, etc.) while you are completing your tasks? If you are not someone who cooks or does chores in your kitchen, think of another chore or task. While you are doing that task, do you have anything going on in the background? I usually forget to put any type of background noise on. I like to listen to music and sometimes have my audiobook going but for the most part I typically work in quiet unless someone else turns music or TV on. I guess it just isn’t something I think of doing.
  2. What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten that someone cooked for you? My mom used to buy smoked pigs feet. I don’t know if this is weird or just plain gross! I remember her eating pickled pigs feet but those I don’t remember eating.
  3. Thinking of that weird food, did you like it enough to eat it again or get the recipe? Good lord! I couldn’t stomach it now. I can’t do anything “animal” and think of it while eating, as it makes me nauseous. I probably should just be a vegetarian.
  4. What’s the food you usually refuse to share? candy
  5. Do you use recipes when you cook, or do you have your own way of cooking the food that you love? If you are not the person who cooks in your household, pick a task that has directions/instructions. Do you follow the directions or put them to the side? I have a few recipes that I use but I don’t typically measure things out or anything, unless I am baking. I am pretty good at marrying different flavors, so I can make unique dishes depending on what I have in the house.
  6. Bonus: Pick three smells in your kitchen that make you happy when you smell them. Cloves, fresh bread, oranges

E.M.’s Sunday Ramble Prompt #13

This week’s topic is “Weird and Silly“. Find the prompt by clicking here

Remember to be silly and have fun with these answers 

Here are the questions:

  1. What are five things you could buy at a gas station to make the cashier look at you oddly?
  2. If someone were to narrate your life, who would you choose to do it?
  3. Have you ever given an impromptu speech about something you know nothing about?
  4. What will be the most laughable artifacts they find from our generation?
  5. Time stands still for everyone except you for an hour. How would you spend that time?

My answers:

What are five things you could buy at a gas station to make the cashier look at you oddly? a pregnancy test, a box of condoms, diapers, life savers, and whipped cream
If someone were to narrate your life, who would you choose to do it? Kermit the Frog
Have you ever given an impromptu speech about something you know nothing about? Yes, I taught in a high school – anything to keep them engaged.
What will be the most laughable artifacts they find from our generation? gas cans and ovens
Time stands still for everyone except you for an hour. How would you spend that time? reorganizing my craft supplies or looking for more to buy online

E.M.’s Sunday Ramble Prompt #11

Amy is our hostess for the Sunday Ramble.

This week’s topic is “Would You Rather?“.

Here are the questions:

  1. Would you rather be the hero that saved the girl or the villain that took over the world? I would like to be the villain that takes over the world so that I can change whatever I want and get rid of some of the problems and drama.
  2. Would you rather have a skin that changes color based on your emotions or tattoos that appear all over your body whenever you are dishonest? I would rather have skin that changes color based on my mood. You know when you are out shopping and the guy outside the shop is panhandling and asks if you have some money and you say no. Well, if I gave to every person that panhandles for the sake of not having my liars’ tattoos come out I would be out there panhandling too because I’d have nothing left. That isn’t to say that I don’t give to the needy, I do, but there are limits.
  3. Would you rather have unlimited pizza   for life or unlimited tacos   for life? Unlimited pizza because you can have more toppings, no sauce, white sauce, different kinds of cheese, all that to get different tastes. I think with tacos you sort of always have a “taco” type taste.
  4. Would you rather own a key that can open any door for you or be able to visit any place you want? I would rather be able to visit any place I want. I don’t care if I have to knock on all the doors if I get to travel!
  5. Would you rather wake up in a dark forest or wake up on a deserted beach? Definitely on a deserted beach. In my mind there is less chance of a crazy serial killer being on a beach than in the forest.

E.M.’s Sunday Ramble Prompt #10

Welcome back to the next Sunday Ramble. For those that are just joining us, the Sunday Ramble Prompt will be based upon a certain topic.

This week’s topic is “Music“.

Here are the questions:

  1. What is your favorite genre of music? I don’t know if I have a specific favorite because it depends on my mood and on what I am doing. I love Disco…I love country, like Hank Williams Jr….I love dance music, like techno dance, but sort of in my younger brain that still wants to go dance at a club.
  2. What is your least favorite genre of music? I don’t know if this is a genre but I can’t stand HonkyTonk or Irish Jig sounding music, maybe Celtic…
  3. What movie has a very memorable soundtrack? I have to agree with Fandango – Dirty Dancing. I also never saw it but I always loved the soundtrack to The Big Chill.
  4. What are three songs that gets you excited? Linus and Lucy https://youtu.be/x6zypc_LhnM, Island Time by Simplified https://youtu.be/PmIq9bOa_pE, Crazy Game of Poker by OAR https://youtu.be/9unKGcKGYQU
  5. What was the last song that you listened to? Little Bird by Ghost of Paul Revere https://youtu.be/-rcQj3aNbgE
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