Friday Fictioneers


Before I insert my contribution, I want to put a smile to at least one person’s face when I say I had to look at the calendar because I couldn’t believe it is already Friday! Oops, it’s not! Phew!

I couldn’t believe I missed it! One quick trip to the restroom turned into a nightmare and on top of it all, I didn’t get to see the end of the play! That’s what I get, I guess. Eating Indian Cuisine before an on-stage production may not have been the best idea, but who knew? If only that other woman hadn’t clogged the toilet. I could have run in, done my business and left, but instead I had to sit in my stall, quietly, controlling my bowels, while the custodial crew came in to fix her toilet. My bad timing.  

©2020 CBialczak

Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, February 26th 2020, Cherry Tree In Full Bloom

cherry trees in full bloom Japan

Tiny buds open into light pink flowers
Bees buzz for nectar and birds perch for the warmth of the branches
Spring is coming and the world is beginning to awaken.

Light pink flowers bloom
To spread life and joy around
For all to enjoy.

©2020 CBialczak Haibun


The Clock: FFFC #54

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #54


Miguel rolled over on the thin mat that he used as a bed. Being transient meant sleeping in strange places, sometimes outdoors, which had prompted him to take a mat when it was offered at one of the shelters last year. Looking at the old fold-away clock his father had given him as a child, he saw it was almost midnight, not time to leave yet. This clock was the only thing he had been able to retain over all the years, through all the living arrangements. It reminded him of his father, a man who was rarely available, always working or entertaining. Was the clock a joke made by his father questioning him to find time to spend with him? He didn’t know, never would, as his father had died years ago. He hadn’t been there when he died, he didn’t even know where he was buried, but he would always have the clock.  

©2020 CBialczak

still: #writephoto prompt

Thank you Sue!

Imagine this

Imagine your mind is a calm pond 
still waters, beautiful reflections 
needing no one but itself 
to sustain the life it holds. 

Imagine your life is a calm pond 
still waters, full of life 
holding each creature in safety 
providing everything it needs to survive.  

Imagine the world is a calm pond 
still waters, hiding, protecting, securing 
the life it holds so close 
for everyone to enjoy.  

©2020 CBialczak

The Scientist: A story using multiple challenges/prompts.


He took the glass and held it up to the light. The potion he had made had been concocted of sweat and tears. He knew it had to be authentic to work. Dropping a glass bead into the bottom of the beaker he started to swirl the liquid, mixing it slowly; stirred, never shaken. Exercising caution, the man put the beaker down on the stand.  

At just that moment something caught his eye. As he was looking out his front door he saw a bright thing in the yard. It sparkled and danced in the sunlight. It was the crystal hanging around the neck of his muse, his love, his life. She danced while she walked, showing a sweetness that only someone as pure as she could display. He knew at that moment no potion would be needed. He had everything right in front of him.  

©2020 CBialczak

For the following challenges and prompts:
1. FOWC: glass
3. Word of the day: muse
4. RDP: Looking out my front door
5. Thursday Inspiration #44: Potion
6. A New Daily Challenge: One bright thing

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #67


Falling from the tower 
the princess she did go. 
Because her hair can’t save her 
when the strong winds blow.  

So now back in the tower 
she lives in so much calm 
She loves to see the birds 
They eat out of her palm.  

And when the prince comes calling 
She gladly says hello. 
She sees him high upon his steed 
And loves his strong shadow.  

©2020 CBialczak


What do you see? #17

“Well here we go again. Another day, sitting here alone. Where’d he go anyways? I’m not sure why he won’t bring me. Maybe he thinks I’ll be happier laying here on his bed until he gets home. All I know is that this is bor-oring! He’s lucky I don’t get mad. Oh, I would like to get mad, but how do you look at that little guys face and stay angry?”

“Mommy, can I bring Teddy to school today?”

“No Stevie, Teddy has to stay home. He likes laying on your bed waiting for you.”

“Mommy! He’s gonna get lonely!”

“Now, now. Don’t you worry. He’s only a stuffed bear anyways. Stuffed bears don’t really have feelings like people do. They just make us feel better.”

“Teddy does too have feelings! He hates staying home! He’s gonna be mad at me tonight! Then you’ll see! Then you’ll let me bring him to school.”

“Okay, Stevie. Let’s see how it goes tonight.”

Photo Challenge #303


A sad story

“He is dead to me.”

Slowly, Sybil collapsed into the chair. The tea, made for two, would now be wasted. The flowers, shredded to pieces like her heart. All she could do is sit and stare at the brown liquid in front of her, wondering what she would do next. She was lost without him. He was her life.

“What happened? I don’t understand?” She spoke to him as if he were standing in front of her. There was no answer. He was gone.

She couldn’t weep, couldn’t laugh, couldn’t be angry. She sat, still, empty, alone.

©2020 CBialczak