Thursday Write Photo: Shimmer

Our Love 

As I sit and I ponder all of my days 
thinking about all that I do. 
I think of ideas and all of the ways 
I show all my love to you. 

So here I am now at the edge of my life 
wondering where you will be  
when I think of you there being my wife 
You’re a spot on the shimmering sea. 

Your lights there to guide me but just for today 
and for all of the days yet to come. 
Your love with give me a reason to stay 
The strings of our love I will strum.  

What do you see? #5

whatdoyousee5.jpg (277×277)

For a guy 

As I sit, I wonder why 
I let my life go for a guy. 
I look at love and do not see 
A man who wants to comfort me. 
I must move on in my own space 
Thinking not of time nor place 
Of meeting with the next man there 
For my relations I don’t care.  

As I sit, I look around 
I wonder where I can be found. 
Hidden here in a secret gloom 
I left him in the hotel room.  
I ran so fast I could not see 
The rain nor fog that followed me. 
So now I’m here in a new, fresh day 
Wishing my love and his could stay.  

Thursday Doors

I wanted to put this out yesterday but it seems that sometimes my blog doesn’t acknowledge my pictures for a day or two!

I like this Thursday doors! It will make me more aware now to look!

Twittering Tales #162

Blue Bubble Guy: My arm is killing me. Why did I even agree to this activity? Oh yeah, I didn’t. They call this team building? I call it “I am getting annoyed!” 

Red Bubble Gal: I am so psyched to be here! I can’t wait until they call on me to share! This stuff is so fun and I am so happy to work with such nice people! Wait until they hear my response. I bet no one here has the same unique experiences I do. It will be fun to listen to the others. The guy next to me keeps moaning. Says his arm is getting tired. Lol! I could do this all day! 

Aqua Bubble Gal: Yeah, this is fun. I hope it doesn’t take too long. Chicky next to me is loving it! Wait until she has to change jobs a bunch of times and do this over and over! I wonder what time we get lunch? This guy next to me, he thinks this is great. Probably his first time getting paid to play a game! 

Orange Bubble Guy: Haha, they do this kind of stuff at work? During the work day? I like this! I have to tell my buddies that I get paid to play team games when I go to work! Haha, they will be so jealous! I don’t think the guy at the end is having fun. Looks like his arm is killing him. Oh well, bring it on! I could do this all day! 

Thursday Photo Prompt: #writephoto

Task: Write in any form, using the photo as inspiration for you piece.

Walking to the flames 

As I walk toward the flames 

I remember the names 

Of the people I know 

And the places I go. 

I think of the words that some people say 

To make it a good or a really bad day. 

Do I listen to them with their negative views? 

Do I compare them to politics seen on the news? 

It is all in my hand  

Which way I will stand 

To see my way through 

A day without you.  

Back Catalog: Tuesday Photo Challenge

So the challenge was to go back into your own archives and find a picture that still grabs you. Well, ironically this morning I took a picture, and although it is obviously new to my photos, it is an archive of a memory.

This morning while walking around the yard with the dog I decided to take this picture. I have looked at it many times, but perhaps the lighting was different and I had to take it. When I first saw the post by jansenphoto, I first thought it was a challenge for something old, left alone for too long, hence, my photo. IMG_20191015_100718_947.jpg