Three Line Tales, Week 225

three line tales, week 225
photo by Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash

She sat, her small fingers working the pieces, turning them, twisting them, putting them aside.

There would be a car in the end, that is what her plan is, even though it is not coming as easily as she had presumed.

Her young mind and patient manner will continue the attempts more than the adults she lives with, who just want to put all the bricks away and take something new out to play with.

Sipping on subterfuge

May Writing Prompt:

Medina walked into the office, stilettos clicking on the floor. She knew she was perfect for the part and was not going to let anyone, not anyone, stand in her way!  

Upon entering she glanced around the modernly furnished office. Windows encased three sides of the room, making the room look enormous! The furniture was quite modern in a sort of eclectic…. What! Medina was reeling. Sitting in the chair next to the secretary was Felicia, her arch nemesis, her rival, her gold-digging, spiteful, revenge-seeking foe. Medina couldn’t believe what she was seeing. How did Felicia find out about the interview? Certainly, it wasn’t a case of subterfuge by the company, boasting that they are loyal to one girl at a time.  

Medina quickly composed herself, straightened her skirt and walking with shoulders high, walked right past Felicia to the open seat next to Mr. Braxton’s office door. She could hear Felicia snicker as she walked past, trying to get her nerves jostled. Nothing would ruin this for her.  

The door to Mr. Braxton’s office opened. He glanced out into the office waiting area. He looked at Felicia and politely nodded. Still scanning the room, he glanced down to his left where Medina was sitting.  “Medina, I am so glad you came today. I think I might just have the role for you!” Medina melted with relief. Maybe she didn’t have to worry as much as she thought.  

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Thursday #writephoto

This is for Sue Vincent’s #writephoto. I may be a week late but better late than never, right?

The word is dance

The big day

They told me this would be an okay spot, but now I’m not so sure. I mean it is a long walk to the actual dancing area. What if the day was hazy like it is now? How would my pictures come out? There are so many questions about this, and I want to get everything right for my big day.  

Bethany told me that the hazy weather was better for pictures. But I wanted sun on my day! 

Marcy told me people will walk the extra few feet to be able to celebrate my wedding with me in such a beautiful space.  I didn’t want people too tired from walking to not want to dance!

David told me to book whatever place I liked best.  

Suddenly, I was realizing this wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought. There was a lot of thought that had to go into the planning, and I wasn’t sure I could go it alone. Time to call Darcy. She’s always given me the best advice!  

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overcome: ragtag daily prompt


Debbie felt that she had overcome many of her weaknesses after leaving Dennis. He did nothing to support her and found it somehow enjoyable to belittle her, especially in front of other people. Over the years it had worn her down and she had become a meak, voiceless follower. Not anymore!

Debbie realized that she had everything she needed, in herself, to live on her own and take care of herself. No more feeling like the helpless victim. She was done with Dennis and he might finally see that he is the weak one here.

Debbie walked toward the window in the front room. As she looked out the window she could see the tree Dennis had planted when they first moved in. She had wanted a white birch but he had insisted on a Japanese Maple. She would get her saw and cut the tree down. No need to have that kind of reminder in the yard that was now hers!

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Fabric: Weekend Writing Prompt



She found it. Tucked in the corner of an old, dusty box wrapped in a thin fabric, was the ring she had been told stories about. It started with her grandmother; all the stories about the good luck this ring brought to whoever wore it. Then her mother and her aunt. They couldn’t stop going on about how this ring helped them find wonderful husbands and have great careers. What was it with the ring anyhow? It was only a simple gold band with a green stone mounted on it. It was probably just green glass, like the kind beer bottles are made of. Caught in one of the prongs was a string from the fabric it had been wrapped in. The strangest thing was that Shany could still smell grandma’s sweet perfume. 

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Tale weaver #275: Fairytale


This week consider your notion of a Frog Prince story.

Create the tale of the frog and his longings, desires, and more often his reality.


Once upon a time there was a frog and none of his family really knew why, but he was the ugliest out of all the frog eggs that were laid. They loved him anyhow, but he knew he was destined to be alone forever.

Now, one day, while hopping through the brush to find a suitable bug and perhaps some cool, soft ground to lay on, Ugly found something he had only heard about in fairytales; it was a mirror. He hopped closer, not sure if someone would be nearby watching him, and he looked into the mirror. What he saw was another frog just as ugly as he was! He was so excited at this point that he hopped around, splashing mud onto the mirror. When he looked again the other frog was gone.

Ugly decided the next day to return to the place where he found the mirror. Maybe the other frog would be there as well! Unbeknownst to him, it had rained during the night, washing the mud off the mirror. Again, he hopped over and looked into the mirror! There was the other ugly frog! Without further ado he told the other frog that if she were able to meet him under the brush so as to have a little privacy, he would be there waiting.

Time passed and no other frog showed up. Ugly was heartbroken. He hopped back to the mirror and saw that there was some sort of crack down the middle. This time when he peered into the glass he saw two more ugly frogs!

Ugly went home knowing that since those frogs were multiplying so quickly, he would soon have a mate of his own.

The End

April 30: Flash Fiction Challenge

April 30, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that features long boards. They can be used in any way you imagine, including a name for sporting equipment. How are they used and who is using them? Go where the prompt leads!

Daryl threw his backpack over his shoulder and grabbed his longboard before heading out the door. He wanted to meet up with Trevor but knew he’d probably run into Nicky on the way. He didn’t mind. Nicky was pretty, but she just wasn’t what Daryl would call “dating material”. She was more like a sister to him than a girlfriend. He didn’t know if she thought they were dating or not but they never kissed or anything like that. Daryl didn’t want a girlfriend anyhow. He and Trevor were practicing for the local Long Board Championships in two weeks.  

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Preview: Fowc with fandango

Preview :

The day

Stepping across the threshold, holding her flowers tightly in her sweating hands, Eliza tried to stand as tall as possible, even though she wanted to crumble from the enormous amount of stress she was feeling. Was she making the right decision? Did others see them as compatible? She wondered if Bill was worrying about this too.

Slowly, with her step-father guiding her down the aisle, she proceeded toward her waiting love. She glanced side to side as she walked and saw all of the people she knew loved her and so many strangers that would soon become a part of her new life. Looking straight ahead she could see Bill staring back at her. A tear fell from his eye and landed just above his smiling lips. He looked a little nervous, but confident as well.

Her step-father handed her off to Bill at the alter. He looked down into her eyes. His deep brown eyes held so much love in them that Eliza knew if this was only the preview to their life ahead, she had nothing to worry about.

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50 Word Thursday #68


The Stalker

They don’t know what they’re in for.  
He stood, watching the couple walk toward his lair.  
They looked like a nice couple. They might be more fun than the last couple. 
Those two, all they did was fight about whose fault it was that they ended up  
in my clutches.  

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