New: discover Prompts day 18

Written for Ben Huberman at Discover Prompts:

Baby veva

Jackie and Michael had no idea what to do. They had gone to classes and read all the books in the library. They even had dinner dates with friends who told them everything they would need to know, but now that the time was here, they felt lost. Jackie and Michael just got home from the hospital with their new little bundle of joy, Veva.  

Veva was a good baby, even though she was only three days old. She only cried when she was hungry or had a dirty diaper. She was very alert for a newborn. Walking through the door now, though, with Veva in Jackie’s arms, the world seemed a lot bigger and a lot scarier than it used to. But, unlike hobbies or fads, this was one you never gave up, and they were so happy to have their own family now.  

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