Three Things Challenge

Your final three words for this week are:
fairy, dim, wait.

Fairy Song

The fairy flies with tinted wings,
from her fairy lungs she sings
a song of happiness and delight
a song to carry her through the night.

But when the light is far too dim
She flies along beside of him
to help him see his way on through
She didn’t know what else to do.

She waits until he sees her smile
It could have been at least a mile.
He listens gently to her song
Happy that she came along.

Today’s Word of the Day is Nasty

As I sit here, listening to the quiet, white noise of the air purifier and the louder, snuffled noise of the dog snoring, I think about the time of day and the darkness outside. It is a nasty, rainy day here in New England. I suppose I should be happy it is rain and not snow. I am not sure why, but it seems that most people don’t want snow to come.

Shikata Ga Nai Is the Japanese Art of Letting Go—and It’s Glorious — Fuel for my soul

Original Link :—–776db8eda8ef———————- The women of Okinawa, Japan, are expected to live close to 90 years—an astonishing feat. One of the main reasons my Okinawan friend Hiromi-san says Okinawan women live so long? A little concept known as shikata ga nai, which means, “it cannot be helped.” At its essence, shikata ga nai (or […]

Shikata Ga Nai Is the Japanese Art of Letting Go—and It’s Glorious — Fuel for my soul

Thursday Inspiration


Colorful leaves swirling in the stream


Leaves Haiku

Leaves last a season

Never for more than one year

We wish they would stay.

From my desk: 11/21/2019

I was able to send out 15 query letters today. I think I am at about 50 total. I read one author’s post that it wasn’t until she wrote out her 600th! that she finally got an agent. I have a ways to go but I hope it isn’t that far away! When I start with a new round after the new year I will most likely start with a different book. I have a few written. I just need to work on the illustrations before sending them off.

My son was supposed to go to Florida Institute of Technology this year. He got in without even telling me he had applied! He was so proud of himself for that one! I know they have no way of fool-proofing all their systems, but I got one of those letters from the college today telling me it’s just about time for exams and it’s time to sign your student up for exam care packages. Well, I lost it. Yes, some days are harder than others and some just suck. I am at a total loss as to why my husband and my son are gone. This Saturday would have been my 23rd wedding anniversary. Isn’t it strange how once someone is gone it seems like there are even more events to celebrate? I suppose this is life…it sucks though.

I talked to my father today for quite a while. He suffers from Dementia. He said that he remembered who I was. “You’re my daughter, of course!” He then went on to ask me if I have been back to Japan. Well, I’ve never been to Japan, although I would love to go. He was there during the Korean War. He hasn’t been back there since either. At least he has fond memories of his time with me in Japan! My aunt is Japanese. She still has quite a bit of family there. I hope someday to have the money to travel.

Tomorrow I will spend most of my day working on illustrations and other editing and revising tasks. I have to figure out what to do with my days otherwise I find I could spend all day blogging one day, all day writing poetry another day, all day doing nothing the next! Some day I hope to have an editor or a publisher calling me asking me when my next manuscript will be ready! Until then…

Have a peaceful evening and I hope to read more interesting work on here tomorrow!

This post was written for Sadje’s What Do You See? prompt

My grandma used to tell me about the lady in the water. Grandma said she would walk through the marsh to go to her husband’s grave every night that the moon was out. Grandma said she had to use a cane and that she could barely walk on land, let alone through the sludge of the marsh. As the story goes, the lady got stuck one night and kept calling out to her husband to come get her in the marsh. Well, remember he is already dead! He never came and she ended up getting stuck there, her skeleton turning to stone. On nights when the moon is really bright, if you listen closely, you can hear the old lady calling her husband, “Please, come help me! Please come help me!”  

When grandma and I went to the marsh and to look for the lady’s husband’s grave, all you see is the petrified remains of the poor old lady with nothing but marsh all around her for miles! 

Weekend Writing Prompt

Just a thought….For which nation I have no idea! 

One must not suffer under the draconian principles of the government. Do we not see there is a place for peace and a way to end suffering? Why must the almighty dollar stand in the way of life as it should be? There have always been the poor, the rich, the middle class, but in this day and age is it not barbaric to see a child cry out in hunger and pain? It is not about giving all you have to those who naught but to share and for those who have nothing, leave the harsh criticisms aside and ask for help?