The Sunshine Blogger Award

I was nominated!

I know what the rules are and I am typically a rule follower but I have a hard time with the Blog awards. To be honest, I feel like if I have to pick 10 new people, I am just doing it randomly to get it done.

I appreciate being nominated and I believe I was picked for my writing.

Thank you so much Jennifer at paperkutzs:

I will answer the questions though!

Questions for my Nominees

1. Do you have a nice blog or do you have different types of posts? I think my blog falls under nice blog. I don’t like to make it too complicated but I do change it every so often. I do a lot of different posts but they are all set up sort of the same way, so I don’t know if that counts.

2. If you have a niche blog what is your niche? My niche is crafting and miniatures. It is also poetry.

3. How long have you been blogging? I have been blogging since September of 2019

4. Is your blogging still a passion or has it become a chore? Blogging is only a chore when I can’t find a challenge to participate in. I love the challenges and reading what others write. I don’t typically like just going through the Reader and reading news clips and the such. I like the creative writing aspect of blogging.

5. When choosing to let another blogger know you are interested in their blog do you just kit like or do you leave a comment? I always try to leave a comment but sometimes I don’t really have much to say. When someone writes something that I do not relate to I hate to leave without liking it, just because it doesn’t fit my likes. I don’t “like” any pages though that I don’t actually go to.

6. How often do you post and respond to other blogs? I try to post and respond at least once a day. Sometimes, more often than not, I respond to comments that people leave a few times during the day. I like the discussions and conversations part of that.

7. What is your usual blogging routine? I start with reading my comments and responding appropriately to them. I immediately go to any blog that I don’t already follow, but that they have visited me. I then go through the Reader and see what people are blogging about. I skip a lot of the news, as I am not always interested. Finally, I search for the challenges I do most frequently and try to complete as many as possible.

8. If you live outside the United States, are you having the same riots that are occurring in the US? I live in the US

9. Where is your favorite place to work on your blog? Sitting in my chair in my family room. My chair is next to my guinea pig habitat so I can visit with them when they are feeling social. I am also facing the couch and the sliding glass door. The dog is almost always on the couch sleeping (which is true of this very moment!) and I can see the birds and the weather as I write, through the door.

10. If you still have younger children when do you find flogging time? I only have a twenty two year old and when she comes I sometimes still blog. I lost my 19 year old son last year.

Breaking the rules

This post is in response to Roberta Writes:

So thinking about my writing I do a few things without even thinking that I have to try to un-habit from.

  1. Starting sentences with “so” or “if”
  2. Using exclamation points to the point of nausea
  3. telling rather than showing
  4. developing boring titles.

I’m sure I could continue with my list but this is enough self-reflection for one day!

GAME #3 – JULY 2020

Q & A from a guy called bloke


Do you think the music you personally listen to [as in your favourited artists over just generalised commercial listening] suit and reflect your true personality?
Definitely! I love Disco and love to dance. I also love Country because I have always wanted to learn to line dance. I also have a lot of music that I relate to or just love, Maroon 5 is on the top of the list.
What’s your average ‘online screen time’ equate to per day in hours?
Off and on all day so maybe 8 hours.
Are you currently happy with your Government’s management of your country?
[If you wish to simply answer yes or no you can, equally if you wish to elaborate in more depth you can do that too]
No, President Trump is an idiot who is literally losing his mind. Yes, I voted for him but I always thought he was a good businessman. Well, I was wrong or he has seriously changed over these 3.5 years. He sort of makes me throw up in my mouth when I see his picture or hear his voice.
How many actual ‘real people’ as opposed to virtual people do you actually give a damn about and what happens to them?
I have a small list and sometimes I will remember someone that I really do care about and miss, but haven’t talked to in a very long time. The amount of people I care about enough to talk to regularly, well they know who they are because otherwise you probably haven’t heard from me in a while. Unfortunately, I am a bit of a baby about the whole “why do I have to be the one to call every time?” thing. Sometimes I just want to know if certain people ever think of me. I hate to waste time on people who don’t really care to talk to me anyhow.
Quick!! No body’s watching!! What crazy thing would you do if nobody was watching which you can’t do normally because it embarasses you or is perhaps a little too naughty?
Wow, I can only think of one thing…How many options are there?
If you HAD to leave the country in a hurry and in a disguise – what have you done??
Won the lottery.
What are some of the most adventurous or craziest/strangest or weirdest things you would like to do before you die?
I want to scuba dive in one of the coral reefs of the world.
What is your opinion or do you have any thoughts on the whole virtual reality industry and the way it will soon become more of an acceptable way of life in the replacement of holidays, adventures and or the workplace?
I think it is a bit strange and we should all keep a few close friends because fake people aren’t going to have the same feelings. I think the workplace part is fine, I would love to work remotely and as far as holidays? If it means you don’t have to supply loads of candy for every holiday and buy expensive gifts, I’m all for it. Maybe just a quiet holiday dinner with those few close friends you kept.
What do people always get wrong about you when first starting to get to know you?
I think people don’t realize how smart I am. I think I present as the “average Joe” but in reality I’m quite bright.
What’s the strangest dream/nightmare you have ever had?
My recurring spider nightmares that I had to go to therapy for.
What’s the most trouble you have ever been in?
In 9th grade I got caught cheating on a chemistry test of the elements and I had to take the book test, which was ten times harder than the test I cheated on.
What’s the worst date you’ve been on and why?
The worst date was when I went to pick up a guy on the 4th of July, that I had met a few weeks earlier. I was bringing him to a party of all my college friends at one of their grandparents houses on the beach. I had to pick him up at his friends, not knowing it was a party. When I picked him up he was drunk, wearing tight shorts, a wife-beater type tank top, and those drugstore flip-flops that were cool in the 70’s. When we got to the party of my friends not only was he drunk and under-dressed, he sat there and said “Oooh” and “Aaaah” after every firework went off. I dropped him off after then never saw him again.

I don’t understand

There are things I just don’t understand….

  • How can you hurt another person and not feel bad? Do you really believe you are better than others just for the way you were born?
  • How can you hurt an animal that trusts you when you are all there is in life? Don’t you feel their unconditional love?
  • How can you cause any harm to a child who innocently does no evil? Can’t you see them looking at you wondering why you think they are bad?
  • How can you drive your car, put your animal out on the road, and drive off? Don’t you hear them crying?
  • How can you believe that the world will be better without you? Don’t you know that there are people who love you but might not show it well enough?

So many things make me want to cry…I cannot understand how this evil even exists amongst others who love so much.

Day 11: 30 Day Book Challenge

After the last “make-up” period I thought I would make a better effort to stay up to date on this challenge. It was challenging though (hehehe, pun) because my internet was out. Apparently, the guy who lived here before us may have broken the original line out to the street because it had been spliced in some weird spots and not very well put together. Anyhow, today the company sent someone to help out and here I am.

This challenge is for SandmanJazz:

Day 1: Favorite book in a series

Flowers in the Attic by VC Andrews

Day 2: Favorite book by your favorite writer

Tales of the Unexpected (short story collection) by Roald Dahl

Day 3: book you did not finish

Lamb: The Gospel according to Biff, Christ’s childhood pal by Christopher Moore

Day 4: Book you remember from childhood

Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey

Day 5: favorite classic novel

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

Day 6: Book that broke your heart

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

Day 7: Best audiobook to listen to on a road trip

The only one I had that was not some sort of horror/murder story, which was too scary travelling alone, was “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. It was okay.

Day 8: Series everyone should read

39 Clues by Rick Riordan They are for kids but I enjoyed them because of all the information the author provides about various locations around the globe.

Day 9: favorite book to give as a gift

Oh, the places you’ll go! By Dr. Seuss

Day 10: A book that makes you cry happy tears

Go, Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman
I read this to my kids night after night and the three of us all loved when he shouts “To the tree!” Just brings happy memories.

Day 11: Literary character you want to have dinner (or drinks) with

Elie Wiesel “Night” – yes I know he is real but he is still the main character of his book.

30 Day Book Challenge: Days 2 to 6!

I don’t know where my mind has been, but I haven’t done this since Day 1. I will go back and do them all if I can. Find the list at

I can’t find my post for Day 1 so I will add that…

Day 1: Favorite book in a series

Flowers in the Attic by VC Andrews

Day 2: Favorite book by your favorite writer

Tales of the Unexpected (short story collection) by Roald Dahl

Day 3: book you did not finish

Lamb: The Gospel according to Biff, Christ’s childhood pal by Christopher Moore

Day 4: Book you remember from childhood

Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey

Day 5: favorite classic novel

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

Day 6: Book that broke your heart

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

Fibbing Friday

I have missed this so many times and I am so happy I get to answer these questions again. Thanks Di, for posting them!:

1. What is the difference between Biweekly and a Fortnight?
By weekly happens only once every two weeks while every day has one fortnight.
2. How much oil would your lantern need to last a fortnight?

It depends on what time you turn your lantern on.
3. If you spent a fortnight in Paris, what would you see?
The same things you’d see if you were there longer, just maybe less stops.
4. What’s the difference between a microchip and a micro chip?
A microchip is a chip that you put in a microwave and a micro chip is a super small chip of something.
5. What’s brown, shiny and sizzles?

Definitely bacon
6. How is the best way to make lemonade?

With lemons. Is there another way I never heard of?
7. How many types of coke are there?

I think it all depends on if you get it pure or if your dealer has cut some other drug into it to get more for his money.
8. Why was a sundae glass so named?

Because you can’t eat a sunday on a plate and you wouldn’t put your sandwich in a sundae bowl. The sundae bowl has to be the clear glass so you can see how much ice cream you have left after each bite.
9. What is hellsapoppin?

It’s was Mary Poppin’s husband calls her time of the month
10.What did the Knights of the Round Table do during the day?

Obviously slept since they were at the round table all night.

Blogging insights #31



1. How frequently do you post about the pandemic? Please share links to a couple of your “pandemic posts” that you particularly like. If you have not written anything about Coronavirus/COVID-19 (seems unbelievablewhat are your reasons for this?
I didn’t think I wrote much about COVID-19. Apparently I did!

2. What kind of “posts about the pandemic” do you like to read? (If you don’t, then please tell us why?)
I like to read the posts talking about the things that people are doing to pass the time while stuck at home. I actually got into book binding that way!

3. How have you and your blog adapted to “the new normal” ? 
When I resigned from teaching in September this became my new normal so it easily

4. Have you seen any change in your blog stats during the pandemic? Also, are you posting more or less than you used to? 
I think I see more blogs now than I did before. I am probably writing a little more too.

INTJ – Who are they?

I was looking through some random blogs and came across a blog focused on INTJ individuals. I had never heard of it. My first thought was that it had something to do with the LBGTQ population. Well, I was wrong and I may fall into the INTJ category.

INTJ = Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging

I checked out this website and it seems possible that I fit many of the “qualifications”. If you know more about this, please fill me in. I am thinking right now that it is a group that you can fit yourself into if you choose to do so. That being said, not everyone belongs there.

Then I stumbled on this website and it has 16 combinations of personality traits. There is a quiz, I am assuming to see which category one would best fit. With a closer look there are actually 5+ tests you can take. I guess that would really narrow things down.

Let’s see what it’s like…..

The Typefinder Personality Test – Myers and Briggs:
My results are in….

ENFJ – The Teacher 


ENFJs are idealist organizers, driven to implement their vision of what is best for humanity. They often act as catalysts for human growth because of their ability to see potential in other people and their charisma in leading others. 

The Big Five Personality Test
My results are in….

The Enneagram Personality Test
My results are in…

95% MATCH 
Type 2 can be described as The Giver. Twos want to be liked and find ways that they can be helpful to others so that they can be loved and belong. 

Type Finder for Career Planning
My results are in….

So now you know what kind of person I am! All of the tests only show partial results, they want you to pay for the full report. I don’t know if it is one price per test or if it is one price for all tests.

Have fun!