Stine Writing

I am a newly published author. I have a series out, starting with Penelope, the first story about my great-niece. I have been an educator for most of my professional life. My goal is to publish my stories so that children can learn and love to learn.


This is a photograph I took a few years ago. I love to see nature’s movement in my work. I read about a great program in the UK that encourages reading between family members of military, especially those with a parent deployed. The program is called Reading Force, and they send the books and a […]



I have been off the loop for a few days, trying to catch up on some much needed sleep and finishing the line drawings for my poem anthology. I met with a dear friend this morning for brunch. We became friends in the fourth grade and although having lived apart for many years, have continued […]


Find my title!

Wow, so this was an exciting night. I went online and looked over so many websites and found Penelope’s New Puppy and Penelope Picks Her Pals in bookstores all over the country and the UK! I can’t even believe it. There are deals, but watch for shipping and handling costs. Of course has almost […]


Tuesday, news day

Well, the only news to update today is that my logo is up and running and so are my multiple emails until I figure out how I want to work all of this. My merchandise is available on and my books, of course, are available on Amazon, on, and there are digital versions […]