A truth about blogging

Ever since I started blogging, even before that, I knew that there were going to be people who didn’t agree with my views or I didn’t agree with theirs.

When I have come across blogs that I do not agree with I just don’t follow that blog. They aren’t wrong, it’s just that I have a different opinion.

One thing that should be understood in the world of public speaking and freedom, no one should be physically threatened when they read or respond to a post or a comment you have written. It is okay to not follow me. It is okay to never want to read my words again. It is even okay to block me if you can. But threats and violence?

COVID-19 has given a lot of people an eye-opening to peoples’ views on government and politics, based on the restrictions that have been imposed, at differing levels all over the world. What I would expect however would be that people learn that life is too valuable to purposely hurt others for the sake of anger or spite.

When I first told my sister I wanted to blog, she said “watch out, people can get really nasty!” Nasty to me is words. Threats to me are physical and scary.

11 thoughts on “A truth about blogging

  1. I welcome a healthy dialogue on my blog. I’m not afraid to engage or be engaged. I feel why have a blog and not allow others to express their thoughts? As you stated other people are not going to always agree therefore everyone is not going to hop on your blog in the affirmative. It’s not necessary for things to get heated when a disagreement arises but unfortunately it happens. I’ve been threaten on my blog by someone who worships a false god “goddess” and posted on my blog that if I continue to ignore their comments goddess was going to kill me. They were also posting rude comments that were unrelated to the content of the posts. I politely told them that I didn’t have a problem with them expressing their thoughts but if they continue to leave rude and irrelevant comments I was going to block them. I haven’t heard from them since.

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    1. Well, I am open to any sort of discussion. This particular post said if his neighbor knew where I lived…. That is a little to aggressive. It did make me a little nervous. What if they really do live near me?


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