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Simon, over at had a post: Binge Worthy TV… Whatever You Subscribe To and I asked him if I could copy the list idea and post my own. He was gracious enough to not mind..,.

Binge watching shows you have got to see!

  1. The Killing This is about two detectives that are trying to solve a murder (bet you couldn’t figure that one out by the title!) What made it a little different is it is not focused on high tech forensics and all that. It is more of an 80’s version of a crime show.
  2. The Following Talk about f-ed up! This show is awesome!!! Ryan Hardy is the FBI detective and Joe Carroll is a cult leader and convicted serial killer. Need I say more? This show is not so much about catching a bad guy as it is a look into the life of someone pretty deranged.
  3. Orphan Black Hello! How can you not get hooked when the opening scene shows a girl watching someone who looks just like herself jump in front of a train, The show is obviously more complex than that but I hate to be a spoiler. I guess I can tell you that the show is about cloning humans.
  4. Mad Dogs I’m not sure I would say this is the best show but it has really good parts that make it all worth it. A group of friends reunite to celebrate retirement. People definitely change over the years.
  5. Bates Motel This is based off the movie Psycho (I think, or it is some sort of prequel) but is different. It has a lot of twists that make is so binge-worthy. It isn’t gore or blood, it is psychological turned family togetherness.
  6. Schitt’s Creek This was on Simon’s list which is what caught my eye initially. This is hands down one of the funniest shows in a long time. If you want funny, without sex, drunkenness, etc., this is it! Even watching the trailer is killing me!!!
  7. How to get away with murder This is a very long series and some of the episodes are that “oh, this again” type of watch but overall, it is really good. I missed a few episodes when it was on TV so I am thinking I may rebinge the whole thing!
  8. Sense 8 Warning, the first few episodes are completely confusing but they do that on purpose! Just stick with it and it gets really good. The season finale was not what I expected but this whole series is so worth it!
  9. Blue Bloods This seems like it would be just another one of the series with someone handsome and famous, but it is so much more. It touches on every aspect of social injustice and has some episodes that keep you on the edge of your seat. It is so worth watching every episode.
  10. Skin Wars Whether or not you are into reality television this is such a great show! It is body painting competitions. Ru Paul is one of the judges so there is some humor in that, but overall it is just amazing to see the artistic talent of these people. It will seriously make you want to try body painting!

So that should keep you busy for a few weeks at least. Please let me know what you think about them. If you have already seen one and want to add some reviews feel free to reblog this with your own feedback.

Happy Watching!

5 thoughts on “Binge TV

  1. I have been binge-watching “Bosch” on Amazon Prime. It’s a gritty detective drama that takes place in LA. I’m on season 6 and it’s good…if you like gritty detective dramas.

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