RDP Friday! Critter – The Cat in the Hat loses his lunch

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The Cat in the Hat planned his lunch food
and he was feeling a little bit bitter
He had put out his lunch picnic early
But it was stolen by a little, brown critter

The Cat made a PB and J sandwich
for lunch while out in the hot sun
but now he only had chippies
this wouldn’t be very much fun

So he called the kids who were playing
to come and sit and relax
The kids asked their mom for permission
When it came to the Cat mom was lax

The kids and the Cat weren’t hungry
‘Cause mom had packed them a snack
The only thing she still required
was that they bring all the used wrappers back

The Cat told the kids he had card games
The kids said they thought it’d be good
They played Go Fish and Pinnacle
The Cat lost and had a bad mood

The Cat brought the kids back to their house
The mom was so happy to see
That the kids and the Cat brought their garbage
and put it in the garbage can where it should be.

©2023 CBialczak

I don’t know if it is mood or being tired but I’m in a Cat in the Hat mood I guess.

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