The Cat earns some money

The Cat in the Hat
was so tired that day
no time for a nap
not when kids want to play
with the heat of the sun
and the wind at their heels
they jumped on their bikes
Cat had training wheels
They road past the market
and waved to a man
who held up a sign
asked for change in his can
They went past the bank
without money to leave
the Cat had an idea
a trick up his sleeve
So the Cat took the children
had them crawling around
looking for money
a game called Lost and Found
The kids they found nothing
‘cept some bugs and chewed gum
they thought the game silly
it was a little bit dumb
They told the big Cat
that they’d do a few chores
and when they were done
and had swept up the floors
They’d tell their sweet mom
who would swoon with great pride
and give them some money
which they’d both promptly hide
Well the Cat wanted money
so they rode back again
and he looked for some paper
and a working blue pen
The Cat wrote a list
of the jobs he would try
then their mom paid him plenty
and he quickly yelled, Bye!

©2023 CBialczak

I just felt like rhyming….

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