Over the rainbow ~ The zig-zag sonnet

Here’s a sample of my new poetry form called a Zig Zag Sonnet!


Over the rainbow I flew happily
Landed in grey and rainy
Had not packed my pair of
At my forgetful self I was so mad

Airport Cabbie took a route
When I asked, he gave a snarky retort
My cream was drenched and I shivered
It kept my temper up and humour wry

Should I stop for an appealing ?
I'd have a with it if I could
Too many things had gone awry today
I'd come down to earth to my

"Buttercup...", I soothed myself quite gently
There is still the to cheer you up

Mindfills © 2023  For Murisopsis ~ Nonce poetry forms scavenger hunt ~ Zig-zag sonnet; NaPoRiMo~ Day 27

13.The Zig-Zag Sonnetby Christine Bialczak – a nonce form of sonnet where the first word of L1 rhymes with the last word of L2 and the first word of L3 rhymes with the…

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