New Sonnet: Zig Zag Sonnet

Jezzie G. writes sonnets, many, many sonnets and I thought about writing some too. After our “conversation” I decided to come up with a new sonnet called a Zig Zag Sonnet. (Jezzie said there weren’t any sonnets that started with a “z”). I don’t know how this can really become a new thing but I guess if I put my name on the bottom and claim it, it should be something, right? I tried to find a sonnet form with this name but could not. If someone knows something I don’t please let me know.

The first word of line one rhymes with the last word of line two
The first word of line three rhymes with the last word of line four
Keep repeating

14 lines – 3 quatrains, one 2 line coda
10 syllables each line

On Dying

Below the ground where the dead go to lie
The peaceful quiet hums but no lights glow
Missed by the loved ones who cry in the night
Visited with flowers remain unkissed

Sad but solemn people gather to mourn
Hoping their loved ones loved all that they had
Down in the earth to come back again soon
But for now must live in a world so brown

When angels rise they come back full and new
See all their potential and knowing then
That the world will miss them more than before
Seeing the imprints where they sadly sat

Why is death so distinctly clear and sad?
Is there a reason we all live to die?

©2023 CBialczak Sonnet – new form

18 thoughts on “New Sonnet: Zig Zag Sonnet

  1. I love this nonce form and I’ve added it to my NPM scavenger hunt for this April!! I hope you don’t mind – I’ve linked it to this post and given you all the credit! Such a great form and a really engaging poem!!

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      1. Things have settled down from being extremely busy at the beginning of March, and I’m feeling better from being sick for almost half of my time off work. The big unanswered questions in life haven’t really changed.

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