From my desk: 04/11/2023

Hopefully good news! My father has been cleared by the Neurosurgeon to go back to his memory care facility. Now he just needs clearance from the physical therapist, his facility, and the nurses from the nursing home. I am going to his “apartment” to switch out his new walker. He has always used a walker with four wheels which has proved to be very dangerous as he leans on it, which is ultimately what happened when this fall took place. He also gets new shoes, new socks, and very clean laundry (since I did it at my home). Thanks to everyone for all the support. I just can’t wait for him to get back to somewhere familiar because then I won’t have to feel like I should go everyday. Although its only about 30 minutes away I am so exhausted from going every day.

The old walker

The new walker

13 thoughts on “From my desk: 04/11/2023

  1. Ah, your dad has the Rolls! My mom hated the front-wheel drive Rolls-Royce and loved the four wheel drive one. She leaned on hers too, so, she learned how to use the antilock break system effectively, keeping it at the mid-locked position. I’ll give her this, we all wanted her to get the front wheel drive for safety reasons, but all wheel was so much easier when we were doubling it as a wheel chair for long distances.

    I wish him years of happiness with his front-wheel rolls-Royce!

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    1. Oh, he hasn’t seen it yet and I don’t know how happy he will be but that is why he got hurt because it went flying out in front of him. He takes the brakes off when standing up then puts them on to walk…you never know because he is so inconsistent with his actions. I gave the 4 wheeler for someone else to use so he’s going to be stuck with it. I think in the long run it may prove to be a bit trickier but it will be safer.


      1. I wish him good luck. He might hate the way the rear rubbers limit him. You can cover them with tennis balls: they maintain drag but make moving with it a lttle easier for him overall. Or the weird little shoe thingies

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      2. I suggest them only if he has trouble moving the new Rolls. Otherwise, there’s no reason for them. The funny thing is, when he was a boy, I’d bet money he wished he could fly lol

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