NPM Nonce Scavenger Hunt: Growing Up

Inside Out poem by murisopsis – a syllabic poem consisting of a minimum of 3 quatrains (4 line stanzas) with the first stanza having a syllable count of 12/8/8/12, the next having 8/12/12/8, followed by 12/8/8/12, and so on. No rhyming required and no maximum on the number of stanzas. BONUS: Use the theme of growth.

Growing Up

Watching new life grow slowly from seed to sapling
Hoping the roots will remain strong
Keeping the sun shining above
Knowing love will provide food to move this along

Coming together to witness
The glory and wonder of innocence expand
Great things come as products of faith to hold onto
Staying strong with some hope in hand

Where once there was a simple wish displaying truth
Now lays a being to decide
Making their choices out of love
days and nights mesh together as the times abide.

©2023 CBialczak

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