NPM 2023 Nonce Scavenger Hunt: Living

Inetersperse by David Bogomolny in his collaboration with Sangeetha for their “Creativity Forms Verses” project – a poem of at least 5 lines where the last word of every line must be monosyllabic and be different from the last word of every other line. Also it must occur in one additional place elsewhere in the poem. Rhyme and rhythm are optional. BONUS: Use a color. Join in here:


Freedom from the pain inside
Hiding feelings left to stew
Seeping through my daily life
Seemingly the tightest glue
But yellowing in time.

Passing time with glasses on
Rosey posey as they say
Steel pants and shirts I don
To face yet one more sullen day
Finding an ounce of strength

Day is done and one more gone
Happy to have that behind
But theres more I have learned
To myself I must remind
Surviving another day.

©2023 CBialczak

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