PassTheBaton Challenge for April 2023

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She woke up exhausted.

As the wooshing in her ears subsided, she heard something feint and was not sure what it was, but it was unyielding but oscillated consistently. She recognized the sound, but didn’t.

She felt hungover and sore.

Sitting up, she could see her reflection in the full size mirror near the bed. Her hair was a mess, her crusty makeup from yesterday smeared from sleep.

As her mind started to come to life slowly, she realized that she didn’t know where she was.

Her ears perked up from the rush of adrenaline caused by the shock and she turned to the source of that sound. It was a man, and he was softly snoring.

Who was he? Where was she? What happened last night??


With a feeling of dread, Yolanda rolled off the side of the bed, trying not to disturb the sleeping body next to her. This had happened before but in the past she could at least remember who she had spent the night with. Stiffly, she bent over to pick up the bit of her clothes that had been drunkenly tossed aside, and was heading toward the bathroom when she heard the man in the bed snuffle. She froze. She thought he was waking up, but he just rolled back over and continued snoring. She really wanted to get out of here before he woke up.

Quickly undressing from last night’s get-up Yolanda slipped under the hot water running from the rusty shower head. This wasn’t exactly the type of place she liked to stay at but if that guy out there was paying then it didn’t matter too much, it was his waste of money. It would’ve been nicer if the place had been really nice. She chuckled to herself and thought, “If this is all he’s going to fork out, I don’t want to know who he is or where he came from, cheap-ass!”.

Suddenly the door slammed open, the doorknob hitting the wall next to the shower hard enough to cause some damage to the sheetrock, and ….

I am passing the baton to Di at Pensitivity101! Please let me know if you cannot continue and I will re-pass (is that even a word?) the baton.

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34 thoughts on “PassTheBaton Challenge for April 2023

      1. It’s hard work. Our friend’s sister has dementia and currently in hospital following a fall. She has three cracked ribs, and they also discovered a fractured hip so she had a hip replacement a couple of days ago. She’s 87 and her daughter is trying to sort everything out. .

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      2. Oh, Di, today was horrible when I first got to the nursing home. My father was in the hallway in his wheelchair right outside the elevator. When he saw me he was near tears. He couldn’t even speak. The nurse said that she had to do some recording on the computer but wanted to keep an eye on him so “he didn’t hurt himself”. I asked what was going on and he couldn’t even talk. We went in to his room and he was mumbling and rambling. Finally, I showed him pictures of his place where he was living and was telling him how he was going home soon. I showed him pictures of some of the residents he knows and recognized them. He was freaking out because he thought he was left alone there to die. I feel so awful that he wakes up and feels like this every day. I can’t wait for him to get home! It was so upsetting. He was okay after that. When I got home I decided to print out some pictures, one of the buildings he lives in from the outside and one of his apartment where he sleeps so he can see them when he wakes up. I will hang them on the wall tomorrow.


      3. Oh Christine, I feel for you and your Dad. Brilliant idea about the photographs. Dementia is so horrible and frightening, especially when not in familiar surroundings or ‘home’. To see something familiar when he wakes up is a lovely thought ❤

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