The squirrel

Kriti has a poem about a smart little squirrel!

Life is Beauty..♥♥..

This picture is of a squirrel with his head in some sort of feeder, like he is looking for something.

Once there was a squirrel so sweet
Who kept believing in whatever the birds would tweet
Once a bird said
There's a nut in a small house
Built on a tree
Little did he knew it was full of bees
Just when he opened it and peeped
The bees chased him at their full pace
And he knew he would not be able to win the race
So he quickly came with a plan as he ran
And changed his path
That led straight to a pond
For he knew
There he could say phew
And be safe at least
From then on he took a pledge
To never trust a bird's tweets..

#Simply6minutes, Written for:



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