Simply 6-Minutes Challenge 3/28/23 Post Pandemic Recession: A Squirrel’s Tale

Susan knows even the squirrels felt the effects of Covid

Sillyfrog's Blog

We are asked to creature a story in only 6 minutes inspired by the image below.

Chips wondered what the heck was going on. Two and a half years ago he was born during a time of plenty.
There were obstacles to be avoided then, but the eats were everywhere.
Now, the dogs he had once needed to trick were shut-in during the day and the ‘people behind the windows’ who kept the offerings of nuts, bread, and donuts coming daily, weren’t around anymore.
What had changed?
The house windows were dark now. The driveways were empty. And the audience he once showed off his gymnastic skills to wasn’t tapping on the glass. The worse change was the uptick in road traffic which was a new misery to the squirrel community.
This must be what his dad had called “the leaner days”.
People just can’t be counted on to…

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