The Cat tells the truth

*The Cat in the Hat fan-fiction poetry*

With a dubious look of suspicion
And a growing pain deep in his gut
The Cat saw the pothole ahead there
he would never get out of that rut.

His car sort of bumped off the corner
The fender got only a scratch
He’d hate to tell the kids about it
He thought of a lie he could hatch.

He’d tell them he was a soldier
That he’d been called out to fight in a war
The bullets flew fast all around him
He didn’t get out of his car

He’d tell them that animals gathered
‘Round his car just to take in the sight
That lions jumped up on the tailgate
That they all gave him quite a great fright.

He’d tell them he went to a shindig
To dance until he had to drop
His stomach was full of the goodies
There was ice cream with cherries on top.

He’d tell them he fell off a mountain
But luckily landed intact
He’d pulled out the airbag so quickly
before he crashed he needed to act.

Just then the Cat had a vision
Of telling the kids the whole truth
That he had been picking up takeout
When he slid his car by the booth.

He would say that he slid it in sideways
To wait quietly for his fast food
His patience was quickly degrading
He was trying to keep his good mood.

But when the kids ran outside to see him
They didn’t notice anything wrong
So he got out fast to get playing
While the radio played a nice song.

©2023 CBialczak

Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #134 – 3/14/23 – Dubious
FOWC with Fandango — Intact
WOTD – Stomach
3TC – shindig, dance, fell

12 thoughts on “The Cat tells the truth

  1. I find this fan-fiction poetry about The Cat in the Hat quite amusing. It’s funny to see how you’ve taken a simple situation, like hitting a pothole and turned it into a comical tale of the Cat’s attempt to cover up the incident. The different scenarios that the Cat imagines to explain his car’s damage are hilarious, and it’s easy to picture his antics in my mind’s eye. This poem shows the creativity and humor that can be found in fan fiction, and it’s a fun way to reimagine a beloved character. 👍👏👌😊

    Liked by 2 people

      1. That sounds like an exciting and creative idea! Writing fan fiction can be a great way to explore your own imagination and share your love for a particular character or world with others. And with 22 poems already written, you’ve certainly made some impressive progress towards your goal. I hope you continue to enjoy the process of writing and that you find success in publishing your book. Just remember to stay true to your own unique voice and vision as you bring the Cat in the Hat to life in your own way. 👍👏👌😊

        Liked by 1 person

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