Reena’s Xploration Challenge #272

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wavelength, stroboscopic, hypnosis, trance, entertainment

The Cat in the Hat was back at the kid’s house
on this holiday day while mom had to work
He brought a big bag and a friendly small mouse
Having good friends and toys was one of his perks.

The kids want entertainment they told the cat
sending thoughts on a wavelength they always shared
The Cat brought a stroboscope, a fancy device
He thought kids and equipment were very well paired.

It all started just as some fun on this day
entertainment held both kids in a deep trance
Just like hypnosis, their grownups might say
is more dangerous than a kid’s groovy dance

But the cat was an expert, thats what he thought
about games for kids that were safe and were fun
He always kept boys and girls rules very taught
And he always cleaned up when they were all done

Just as he promised the kids were both safe
when mom came home right before bed
The Cat didn’t want the mom’s nerves the be chafed
and he said his goodnights and out the door fled.

©2023 CBialczak

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