From my desk: 03/09/2023

A couple of months ago I took a course on 3D printing from Coursera. It was a certificate program and it came as an online course through the University of Illinois. It was a paid class, of which I got financial aide, but the course was only about $80. Anyhow, I did learn a lot and I am glad I took it because if I do get a 3D printer now I have a clue.

Now I am enrolled in two writing courses! They are through AWAI (American Writers and Artists Institute).
The first course is Copywriting 101
The second course is Ghostwriting 101 (I may have given that my own “name”)
Both courses are paid courses and I have money set aside for education only. I am taking the plunge!

Other things:

  • We did NOT keep the puppy we found last week. I brought him to the Humane Society and I believe he has already been adopted after being fixed and vaccinated!
  • I’m going to start designing my own miniatures purely off of customer requests. I will be starting with a few small gardens and will post the pictures upon completion.
  • I just became a judge for Reedsy which has weekly writing contests. I have been entering the contests but have not won yet. Each entry costs $5 and the winner gets $250 so that gives me 50 chances to break even!
  • I also review books for Reedsy Discovery. I do this for free but often the author will send a tip (maybe $5) for doing the review. The best thing is I get tons of books for free. You can review as little or as many as you want, there is not commitment or obligation except maybe doing 1 review every six months or something like that. All genres!
  • If anyone wants anymore info on all of these things I have signed up for (😳🤪😅) just let me know.

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