dVerse Poetics Playtime!

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OK, dVersers, it is time to play. Play pat-a-cake with the cat. Draw chalk cartoons on the sidewalk. Flirt in your head with your fantasy lover. Be a Formula One race car driver. Go out and dance under the moon with the faeries. Choose any which way and have fun with it!

One of my favorite things to do when I was a kid was read and I loved The Cat in the Hat. I have written my fair share of fan-fiction and when I saw this prompt I thought it would work well.

The Cat Comes To Play

The Cat in the Hat took out his bag
Something he took to the kids on the block
The bag had some things like marbles and jacks,
Barbies, and tickety-tockity clocks

He put on his dress up and offered the kids
some jewels and some real fancy shoes
He let them win games like chess and some cards
Even though he himself hated to lose

He had many books that he wanted to read
but he let the kids make up their mind
if they wanted to sit and read just like him
or hide in the places where he couldn’t find

The Cat in the Hat took the kids out to play
and brought chalk and ropes they had to jump
He thought that he’d win if he ran in the mud
but they laughed when he slipped and fell on his rump.

When time came to stop because Mom would be home
The Cat and the kids were so sad
But The Cat told the kids that he’d be back again soon
and what a great time he had had.

©2023 CBialczak

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