From my desk: 02/27/2023

This morning while walking Brody I saw a few other dog walkers and an adorable little guy on no leash. One neighbor said she knows who owns him and that they don’t want him. He is so stinking cute and we might want to keep him if he needs a home but I have yet to contact the supposed owner as they haven’t been home at all today. This also makes me wonder who would be taking care of the little guy if they are gone for all those hours. Anyhow, I won’t judge. This has taken up my whole day though.

One neighbor called him Radar. We thought he looked like a Sammy but now he is simply Little Guy.

9 thoughts on “From my desk: 02/27/2023

    1. He was so good today and nobody came knocking looking for him. I don’t know about other countries but now most puppies are given a microchip under the skin so if they are lost or whatever they can be reunited but this little guy has no microchip. Knock on wood his behavior is very good for being a new guy in the house.


      1. We decided not to keep the little guy. He was so sweet and we knew he would go to a family or someone who really wanted to spend the time training him properly. I loved him but I really don’t want the responsibility of it and that isn’t fair to the dog.


  1. He’s really cute! It’ll be interesting to hear what happens with the owners. There was a family in our subdivision who had a golden retriever named Moses. They’d let him out in the morning and let him back in when they came home in the evening, and he’d spend the day walking with whoever was walking around… This guy looks a little too young for that…


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