From my desk: 02/04/2023

I have been in bed for the last three days.

Wednesday night I gave myself my injection of Methotrexate, which I take for psoriatic arthritis. I injected it in a part of my leg that just hurt and felt odd but that is bound to happen I would think.

Thursday morning I woke up and when I blew my nose, and this might be TMI, I blew out a neon color, matching the color of the Methotrexate. I was concerned but thought maybe I was overreacting if I made a big deal of it. Well, the morning went okay and then right around noon I started feeling like crap. I had a horrible migraine, vertigo, my whole body hurt, I was nauseous. I took migraine pills and put an icepack on my head, which was the only thing that helped. David and I both agreed that I could be having a bad reaction to the medication but going to the ER would do nothing except force me to sleep in a noisy, sterile environment instead of my own bed.

Friday morning I woke up and every single joint in my body hurt as did most of my skin. I still had a bad headache and was still a little dizzy. If David even touched my skin it hurt! I slept most of the day and was able to make dinner that night but that was about it. Now I started coughing.

This morning I woke with a nasty, barking cough. I assumed it was some sort of infection based on the phlegm that came out of me (sorry, trying not to be too gross). So I have been sleeping all day again and cough/barking. My body is only slightly hurting and most of my joints seem to be back to their uncomfortable but usual condition.

Thanks for listening. I completed the “Pass the Baton” writing and this and now I am ready for a nap. Send healthy vibes!

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