PROMPT #423 – HOW TO __________

So this week we look to you to provide poetic information on how to do something.

Take a big bowl and a very large spoon
don’t think about dinner, its never too soon
Open the lid and see how much’s left
If there’s not much you just might think theft
‘Cause nothing comes close at times just like this
Ice cream needs eating, not a day should you miss.
Scoop out a lot and fill up your bowl
No matter the flavor, it touches the soul.

©2023 CBialczak

5 thoughts on “PROMPT #423 – HOW TO __________

    1. I try to not go overboard buying it because my “serving” is not appropriate for the serving size suggestion. I also only buy icecream when it is on sale or from Aldi. Aldi has the best chocolate ice cream but otherwise it is quite expensive and it does nothing for my weight!

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      1. Last night David asked if I wanted ice cream. He came back really quick and I asked him why he was so quick. He ignored the question and said, do you want more than that? Yes! Of course I did. I knew his speed meant the portion would be a bit small! lol.

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