Throw It Away

Jim thinks this furniture has seen its day and now has to go!

A Unique Title For Me

This dresser has seen its better days and it is time to dispose of it.  Many of the knobs are missing on the drawers and how is somebody supposed to open them when it is in that condition?  This is a monstrosity and the ugly brownish pink, and that sickly green do not go together well.  Your kids are going to grow up to be slobs if you keep making them use this unsightly furniture.  There is no need to ever clean up this room because as long as that dresser remains in it, it is a pigsty.  I don’t even think that Pig-Pen from Charlie Brown would want to live in this room.  Put it out of its misery and kick this eyesore to the curb.

Written for Simply 6 Minutes hosted by Christine Bialczak.

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