Gotta Love a Box

Diana believes her daughter could bring this back to life!

Writer Ravenclaw

Simply 6 Minutes Welcome to the Challenge: 01/17/2023

My daughter, although not loving pink, loves a box, drawer, or anything she can put her creativity in. One year, for her birthday, we got her multiple boxes of different shapes and sizes. She regretted asking, as we probably didn’t get her anything else. She is so creative, drawing, painting, or making things.

Her mother’s day gifts are always unusual – a few years ago I got a pillow with me and my mum on the front. She is always the ideas person for any birthday. She would love this dresser, but would probably paint it a different colour. It would be a great thing to keep things tidy.

She loves Ikea, and if we had the money, would spend a lot of money there.

I am so proud of her!

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