From my desk: 07/07/2023

This is a total sales pitch but anyhow…

I just signed up again for Hello Fresh. If you haven’t seen them before they send recipes and all ingredients for full meals you pick. Nothing is premade. They have vegan, keto, Atkins… So I have this thing that I can send anyone a free box with a couple of meals I think. That being said I don’t know what the recipient does. It says it does not make any commitment or sign up.

If anyone wants to try it send me an email so I have your email address.

I’m totally not going to ask anyone again or anything so… I figured if you want to try it it’s a win/win. I love the recipes.

Peace! ✌️

9 thoughts on “From my desk: 07/07/2023

  1. I agree it is a bit on the pricy side but it is convenient. We tried it a few years ago (pre COVID) but had trouble making use of it as there are only the 2 of us and it made way too much food – the fridge was overflowing with leftovers and ingredients for new meals… we had to give it up as it was just impossible for us to consume all that food!

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    1. I was telling my friend who wants to try it that each meal, even though it doesn’t seem like it, is like two meals. I figure right now with the pricing it is costing us $20 for each meal, that being the entire meal including side dishes. I could probably get all the stuff for less but I love the recipes. Last time I did this I did it until there were no new recipes to try.


      1. Last night was the first night of the new dinner plan. We had a steak with Brussel sprouts and mashed fingerling potatos. I put in way too much salt, which I didn’t mind but David didn’t like at all. It was when I was preparing the brussel sprouts. I thought it would even out but nope…anyhow, the dinner was very good. The thing I liked was that I had nothing to worry about putting away or storing. Everything was used and the few bags were thrown out. It was very good. Tonight is a pasta dish. We will see…Last time I did this about 3 or 4 months before getting tired of it. I keep all the recipes.

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      2. It sounds tasty. I don’t know if I’d like trying something new every night, but it’s great you can keep the recipes. Gives inspiration

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    1. I figured out it is about $20 a meal and the last time I did it we had two nights of dinner. Considering I am one of those people who go shopping all the time and come back with tons of crap we don’t need, it will work for now. I definitely don’t think it is a forever thing but it will be nice to have a few new recipes. But then if I have the recipe I can buy just those items when I shop if I like it. My biggest problem is going shopping and buying tons of different stuff that doesn’t make a meal so I have to go shopping again. If I have something in mind and know exactly what I need then I am better with the whole shopping thing.


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