Simply Six Minutes: How’d They Do That?

John reminds us that public transportation isn’t always easy!

The Sound of One Hand Typing

Well, this certainly looks like a logistical nightmare…

I grew up in Chicago, and from the time I was in high school to the time I left for Atlanta, I used the Chicago Transit Authority’s Rapid Transit system, what they called the combination of elevated and subway trains. Often, I had to carry bulky items with me: luggage, computer equipment, packages to be shipped, packages I picked up, guitars, amplifiers, you name it. In all those cases, the items were reasonably small, and with enough effort and pre-planning, it was possible, albeit not easy, to get them through the station, on board the train, off the train, and out of the other station.

But a lawn mower? I can’t think of a good reason to try and move one of those by subway or elevated train. Why would you even put yourself in a position where you would even be…

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