Changing Guards

A sonnet about a lawnmower on a train? Yup, well sort of!

Jezzie G

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

My gut instincts are to go with a ditty from A. A. Milne but I can’t resist adding some jam to that slice of bread to make the trip to my youth complete

Changing Guards
Form: Busta Sonetto 2

They're changing the guard at Buck house
Jump on the tube or we’ll be late
“Mind the gap” the tinny voice shouts
I wonder if we will see Will and Kate?
Or are they away shooting grouse?

The train stops and the carriage is full
But still, more get on at the next stop
Crossing the city in a quick hop
Beneath sights it’s brimful

Our stop, squeezing past a mower, it’s a madhouse It’s sat there in everyone’s way And nobody seems to ask why So maybe it's just a case of today They're mowing the lawns at…

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