Meet the Bar with Aphorisms

This week at the pub we are asked to make up our own aphorisms. In the definition, an aphorism is a statement that presents a moral or philosophical idea. It does that with a pithy statement that expresses something general idea of the world by for instance being a metaphor, it does not mention that they refer to. negative situations but when I was thinking about it, so many do. I don’t know if this is true or not but when thinking of one it seemed like that is where my head kept going.

So, here is mine…

One person alone cannot thicken the blood that runs between two people.

©2022 Christine Bialczak

For all of the years that my sister has not liked me and has not wanted to repair whatever is broken, I have always tried. I can’t fix it if she doesn’t want to add her help.

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After reading some of the other entries and commenting I came up with this saying (in response to this)

Don’t expect to find that which rarely exists

©2022 Christine Bialczak

9 thoughts on “Meet the Bar with Aphorisms

  1. That is hard, Christine. My brother-in-law was poisoned to his two sons by his ex-wife. 21 years now, last September his wife died of the COVID. I was sorry to read of your son and spouse, that must have been terribly hard.
    Now, a bit of about. We had a beagle dog, she and I were a certified Pet Therapy Team, and we visited mostly assisted living places, one which we came to the Alzheimer’s wing. The Residents there love Adi, and she loved visiting them. Also, she was a reading dog, we tutored fifth graders helping them read better and pass the State reading test. Mrs. Jim is a retired Social Worker, ending her career working as a Special Needs high and junior high counselor; she has the masters from LSU, and also was a history and education major before at LSU. My career was in pieces, factory worker three years, Army five years, Aerospace Engineer for 19 years, and a Business Teacher the last 22 years at a community college.

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    1. My son had wanted to go into Aerospace years ago but then settled on mechanical engineering. He was enrolled in Florida Tech. I wish I had known about things like engineering when I was a teen. Back then I didn’t know what careers even existed. Looking back I believe the hurdle was that my mother had cancer so she didn’t spend a lot of time with me talking about my future career. It was always about getting a good education. I wanted to be a psychiatrist but opted out, immaturity. I wish I had pursued it. Now I am “retired” with two master’s degrees and a certificate in administration but not working. I have thought about going back and getting my doctorate so I can teach college courses, my expertise you could say is in behavior management. I may, but the financial investment is not an option right now.


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