Rebel Without a Cause

Jim’s message on individuality

A Unique Title For Me

Petal was an emotionally confused sunflower and she enjoyed going her own way.  She made up her mind to do what she wanted to do and to go where she wanted to go.  Shacking up was what all the others wanted to do, as they followed the Sun.  Petal always went against the grain, no one understood what she had to do, as she has been hurt so much, and all of the other sunflowers were mean to her, and they treated her cruel.  She had to find a place to hide, and she kept on searching, and searching, to find a place where she could hide.  She turned her back on the other sunflowers in the field and they said, “Babe, you gotta go where you wanna go and do what you wanna do, with whoever you wanna do it with”.  She told them that they didn’t understand that…

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