Simply 6 Minutes – Escape

Jezzie G

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you for an awesome prompt, Christine

This gorgeous painting by Rob Gonsalves landed in my notifications this morning, it also hangs on my wall as it is indeed beautiful. For once I read Christine’s post all the way through, not being one for rules and regs, and a sonnet, in 6 minutes – now that is a challenge for a sonnet writer, is it not? Didn’t see that before so I am reckoning a few sonnets are going to come from Christine’s challenges now – how cool is that. This variant of the 12-Step Sonnet is written over lines of 8-syllables – ouch, but will stay with it – clock on writing…

Form: 12-Step Sonnet
Theme: Love

My darkness blinds me to all things
Lost without light to lead me out
On the edge where the harpie sings

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