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  1. Oh, hey, I recognize this video…

    I’m still not sure exactly how I discovered the Petersens. I’m pretty sure it was just seeing them on YouTube, but I don’t remember how I was first directed to one of their videos. I think I was probably looking for some specific song, and their cover of that song popped up too, or it might have been a Facebook friend sharing one of their videos. They are four siblings from rural Missouri, their mom, and a family friend; their dad used to play with them too, and still occasionally does, but now he handles some of the stuff behind the scenes.

    They have a recurring show in Branson, and I think they tour occasionally too. I’ve only been to Branson once, many, many years ago (that’ll be an episode of JTTL someday, if I ever actually do JTTL). But it would be fun to see the Petersens play, and I have a friend from a long time ago who lives not too far from there, so I’d have someone to visit if I ever did make another trip out there. (A character based on that friend will be introduced at the beginning of year 5 of DLTDGB.)

    I bought the Petersens’ Christmas album in December when I saw their video of Come Thou Long Expected Jesus (also with Katie on lead vocals) and decided I needed some new Christmas music.

    When I first heard songs of theirs where Julianne does lead vocals (the youngest sibling, who usually plays mandolin), at first I didn’t like her voice as well as the others. But then I heard this song of theirs, a bluegrassy cover of what has grown on me to become my third-favorite girl rock song of the 90s, and I changed my mind, because the way Julianne sings is so perfect for this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_eUlXE8Tps

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