Six Sentence Stories

Todays word is book. Write a story in six sentences then add your link here

The pages were white and felt dry and crinkly.
They didn’t know if they would ever see the light of day again; they had been put back on the shelf a few days ago.
They were good pages and had been there for many people, whenever they wanted them.
So, the book decided to send out reading vibes to whoever walked by it, hoping to be picked up once again. Day in and day out, vibes were sent.
Now the pages are under a lamp, left to be read, happily free again.

29 thoughts on “Six Sentence Stories

      1. Before moving I gave away so many books. I have actually done that a few times. Then of course I think about a book and think, “wait, I have that!” but I don’t, I gave it away. Now I still have a good amount of them but most of my “reading” is done on Audible while I am walking the dog.


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