Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Armchair Rookie

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My first husband was Bob. We met back in 1994 and were married until his passing in 2018. It must have been only a day or two after we met that he brought me to his friends house to watch Sunday football. All the guys sat and watched the game while all the gals sat in the kitchen chatting and carrying happily. I didn’t fit in either spot because I didn’t know anyone, not even Bob to be honest. Anyhow, the gals announced the food was ready and Bob asked if I wanted a hot dog. I said sure and sat patiently. He came back with a hot dog with only mustard on it, handing it to me with a smile. I hated mustard! Well, long story short, I didn’t want to say anything so I ate it all. Now, I actually love mustard on many foods including hamburgers, hotdogs, and pretzels.

My second husband is David. We met in 2018 and got married this year, in September. When we first met he came over to my house and because he liked football so much, we decided to sit and watch it together. Now, I have watched the game since I was a kid but never really understood all the rules and honestly stopped watching it when all there were were “flags on the play”! I didn’t really know David that well yet and he told me how much he loved the game. He had told me some of his other interests and I remember thinking, “yeah, so you are also a football expert?”, although I didn’t say that. Hahaha, jokes on me. He knows all the rules, he is familiar with teams and their history, the coaches and even their names!

So, two long stories lead to one conclusion…I married football lovers but luckily neither are or have ever been in overstuffed armchairs with empty cans and cartons screaming at a screen. Not sure if that qualifies as an armchair rookie or not.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Armchair Rookie

  1. The football in my country (England) is very different to American football.

    I’m delighted to hear you don’t sit glued to your chair with cans of beer and popcorn – wouldn’t be at all ladylike 😉!

    I was sorry to read of the dreadful events that have happened. I lost my husband too, but I doubt I could cope if I lost one of my children. You have my deepest sympathy. However, I’m delighted that you found a warm and loving light at the end of your dark tunnel.

    Thank you so much for joining in with our Wednesday challenge. 🙂

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