The Painted Dog

Ami shows what real puppy love its!

Gypsie’s Wonderful World of Words

Simply 6 Minutes – Welcome to the Challenge:02/15/2022

by Stine Writing

By Ami (Gypsie) Offenbacher-Ferris

In response to picture prompt provided by Stein Writing

Today’s Prompt

Look at me so pretty and proud

painted up like a Valentines clown.

My tiny owners, one, two and three,

felt the need to decorate me.

Why do they fuss why do they yell?

Adults their words do not impel,

my tiny owners to do their bidding

Their tone of voice so forbidding.

But that was then and this is now

I am their pet not yours anyhow.

So if they want to paint my face,

dress me up or run a race.

Its all ok alright with me,

it makes them happy can’t you see?

Let them paint me like a clown,

so their frowns turn upside down.

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