Simply 6 Minutes: 15th February

Di’s silly take on the picture this week.


Christine is our hostess for the Simply 6 Minutes photo challenge.
Great choice again this week.
Image from

The things we do for love.
This is not exactly my best side, but you should see what they’ve done on the other.
At least they left my face alone and I’m not sporting a jeweled eye patch.
Yeah, I know. My eyes are different colours. It happens, but doesn’t detract from the real me.
Maybe I’m a bit on the thin side, but then I’m young and they want me to attract a mate.
That is all new to me and I’m not sure I’m going to like it.
Is this what they call pawplay?
I’d rather be running in the fields chasing crows or frisbees.
Wonder if he’s going to be painted with ribbons and bows?
Or maybe bones and biscuits. Now that could be interesting, and I promise…

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