From my desk: 02/14/2022

Happy Valentine’s Day!

A good friend of mine had her baby on the 3rd. Everyone is healthy and doing well. As soon as she was born I started making, crocheting, a baby blanket. Last night I was doing the edge. I don’t normally trim anything until I am done, but I did this time. I must have cut a piece of yarn that was loose because the blanket split in half, literally. I tried to fix it but the strings were unraveling faster than I could deal with with only two hands. Such a sad deal but today I will start a new blanket! It will be even better.

Last year, on this date, David and I were out shopping for rings…he had just asked me to marry him. Yesterday, the 13th, was the day he asked me and yesterday of this year he bought me the most beautiful orchid! I also received a few other small gifts which was sweet.

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