Before Photo: Thursday Doors

Check it out here:

I love Thursday Doors Photos and when I see them I always kick myself for forgetting to snap pictures when I see them. I didn’t really have any “good” door to post but I thought this would be a good idea. The picture is of my “new front door” of the home David and I live in now. I want to redo a bit including power-washing the walls, changing the color of the outside of the house and moving the door to a new location, so I can have some sort of a mud room. Anyhow, I thought this could be my “before” picture…

2 thoughts on “Before Photo: Thursday Doors

    1. I have to try and powerwash it before I paint it. I bought a green color called Trailing Vine. David isn’t too keen on it but I think it will look very nice. It is sort of a “leaf” color. I wanted something different but something I could live with. There are plenty of pink and peach houses, and that Florida cream color. Gray has been overdone even though it looks good. I just have to hope that when I power wash I don’t accidentally take off too much of the surface!


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