How it really feels: a poem

It is the darkest cave 
on the steepest slope
of the highest mountain
in the most remote
part of the world

It is the deepest abyss
in the most violent ocean
as far away from land
as any ocean can be
that is too deep to 
really know it exists

It is the farthest star
which has burnt out
in an unknown galaxy
beyond the milky way
with no heat left to light it

it is the obscure forest
with the highest pines
and the longest trails
devoid of sunlight
no longer a place of refuge

It is the coldest snow
coated with ice crystals
hard to the touch
too cold to feel
in a blanket of white
darkened with pain

It is the sharpest pain
in the most tender flesh
of the most innocent being
with no relief
only suffering

©2021 CBialczak Poetry

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