Uber Driving

I might become an Uber driver. I am going to look at a car tomorrow. I don’t know if it is a good idea or not so I thought I would put it out there for some pros and cons. Go ahead, throw ’em all at me! I have read multiple sites about the pros and cons coming from drivers who still drive and those who don’t drive anymore. But it is something I can do no matter where I decide to move so it could be good.

To be continued…..

14 thoughts on “Uber Driving

  1. My husband did the Uber driver thing for about 6 months when he was between jobs. It was hard work and very competitive. There were “hot spots” that had the best fares and the shortest trips. If you couldn’t get in on that you’d end up driving a lot for very little profit. After the first month he figured that he made about $2.00/hr after subtracting cost of gas. After he figured in his coffee stops he realized he was losing money driving for uber. He had to change his methods and started bring a thermos of coffee, he hung out around campus to get fares to and from classes and off campus housing, and took all the airport drop off jobs that came up.

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      1. If you change your mind and decide to give it a go, be sure you’ve got the right insurance coverage on your car. Regular personal car insurance doesn’t cover when you’re driving for a company like Uber.

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      2. Yes, that is one think I checked first. The last thing I need is to lose my house! The biggest drawback is that I have to buy a car to do it. The only thing I can afford now is higher in mileage and then I have to worry about wear and tear. If we move to a place that has the Uber rental cars I might do it then.

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    1. I decided to wait. I have to get a car to do it, which was so much stress in and of itself. I don’t have money to really invest in it and the cars that would “qualify” that I can afford are older models with a lot of miles, which means wear and tear is going to be fast. I still want to try but will wait until I have time to figure it all out.

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    1. I think I am going to wait for a while. I would have to get a car and I looked and just that was pushing my anxiety over the top! I think if I move to where there is a rental place that works with Uber I might try it then. Or if I somehow come into money that I can invest a little into it.

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