From my desk: 10/24/2020

Hello! It has been a busy week and it flew by. Yesterday, Friday, I didn’t get to any of the writing challenges that I usually do. I will probably go back and do them anyhow because they are fun. Like Fibbing Friday!

So, I have a question I am hoping someone might be able to answer…
I published some children’s books through Page Publishing which is a vanity press. I decided not to renew my contract for my first book because 1. I don’t sell many and 2. I want to make revisions but to do so through them it is way too expensive. Now, what happens if one of my books sells on Amazon or somewhere else? I was getting royalties through Page but if I don’t have a contract anymore, now what? I guess I could ask them but I thought I might contact my WP world first.

I picked up my new cabinets today for my kitchen. I went to this Outlet store and the cabinets were only 1/3 of the price of Home Depot and they are better quality. Now to get them installed….I have a guy but I have work to do to get the kitchen ready for them.

I just finished reading the book Tea with Rasputin and posted my review. I was just so amazed with how it ended, I thought it was great. Just saying…

Peace to you all! I hope you are all staying healthy and safe…I read there have been a lot of earthquakes around our globe.

Pop in anytime for a hello!

8 thoughts on “From my desk: 10/24/2020

  1. Howdy SW! My agave tee-kill-ya Pardner! 🤠😉

    Your 1st question: “What happens if one of my books sells on Amazon or somewhere else?

    From my Legal Firm of Bravo, Pinky, Brain, and Seuss we advise you to consult our attorney’s… right after we resolve a small retainer fee over euphoric agave-nectar libations. 😁

    From my Research Team of Bravo, Pinky, Brain, and Seuss Mkg, LLC, and XYZ regarding increasing sales and royalties of your collections of fine children’s books…

    How are your virtual programming and creation skills? One day soon most Americans and their kids will look like and NOT doing anything remotely physical or cognitively stimulating UNLESS it is electronic in front of their fingers or in Virtual Goggles while in lounge chairs that do EVERYTHING for their bodily functions! For example, from the epic 2008 film WALL-E…

    Can you write your stories, books in a VR form? 😉

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    1. I was going to use the law firm of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe (they were referred to me by my boyfriend) but I will consider switching to Bravo, Pinky, Brain and Seuss…a firm I know a lot better…now…

      Can I write stories in VR form? Well, let me ask my guy…I’m not sure I can make a decision like that.

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  2. I had my kitchen remodeled several years ago. We looked all over for cabinets and ended up going with Lowes. As soon as the cabinets were paid for and installed I found the perfect ones for half the cost and twice the quality… but it was too late. I’ll live vicariously through your good fortune!

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