Fandango’s Friday Flashback — October 2

Here is my post from October 2, 2019
It’s sort of dumb…

During my fairly short writing career I have come to love writing poetry. Yes, I know, yuck! Well, to tell you the truth I find my poetry silly and fun to read.

It seems that poetry is not a popular type of literature for children. I know that so many books that are published incorporate rhyming but the anthologies like I read when I was a kid. Have you read “Where the Sidewalk Ends” by Shel Silverstein? I think I read that anthology a hundred times, as well as his other works. He is my inspiration because without knowing his writing style I don’t think I would ever imagine myself writing poetry.

I hope to put out a Poem Anthology. What do you think? I would love feedback on whether this is a considered a good idea or not. I will still do whatever I eventually decide, but the feedback may help determine when and how I present it to a literary agent.

tag #whataboutpoetry in your response. I think that sends it back to me. I’m still learning how to blog and if you have any pointers on a way I can improve, and you know how to blog, please send your suggestions my way. Email me at


Fandango holds the Friday Flashback:

10 thoughts on “Fandango’s Friday Flashback — October 2

  1. I think it is vitally important that we all chase the dream that we see ourselves achieving. In the end do what it is inside of you pushing you to create poetry and decide on the method you want to use. All my good wishes !

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      1. I use Rate Your Story to send my ideas to. One of the biggest “tips” is that the main character needs to have a problem that they solve. I wrote about a teacher who loves all her students and talks about them all but one of the “judges” said it wasn’t really a story (my words not theirs)

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  2. I like poetry that is “digestible.” That doesn’t mean short, necessarily. It means I can get what the post is saying without hurting my head too much. I’ve read too many poems that sounded terrific, but even after reading them 2-3 or more times, I end scratching my head and wondering what the “poet” was attempting to say. I guess I’m just not that deep.

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    1. Hahaha funny that you say that. I have read so many poems and I think to myself, is there a meaning behind it? Maybe my vocabulary is too small? Am I not seeing something? Once I read this one poem and I had no idea what it said…I read it a few times, nothing. I asked David and he’s like “oh, yeah, they’re saying that….blah, blah, blah” and I was like, “how do you know that?” he said by the vocabulary they used he kindof figured it out. I don’t know, way too much work to enjoy it. Not to say that every poet can’t have a following.

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