From my desk: 8/8/2020

We are still without power. The estimate is that it will be restored by Tuesday at midnight. This is really getting old!

I haven’t seen any posts in almost a week I think! As soon as power is restored I will have a busy day catching up.

The Storm

Dark clouds cover the sun. Lights flicker. Trees fall. Wind. Rain. Sun. Now there is only sun.

We shelter within

Masked world becomes one alone

Signs of a new day

Β©2020 CBialczak Poetry

9 thoughts on “From my desk: 8/8/2020

  1. I do hope you can find relief and that the electricity come on soon. The last time we had a lengthy power outage, we pulled the grill out to the end of the driveway and started grilling all the meat that was thawed in the freezer. It became a big neighborhood cookout! It was the only bright spot in that whole disaster (except that the insurance company was able to compensate us for the freezer contents)!


    1. We finally got power back. Last year I put my house on the market and I gave my grill to a friend. It had a bit of rust so I figured I could get something new, and a bit smaller, when I moved. Well, I’m still here. Luckily David hooked up the generator to the refrigerator and freezer and the water pump so we had running water. A few years back we lost everything after a storm. A few weeks later, another storm and more lost food. I was grateful for a flushing toilet! Lol


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