Villa on Santorini Island

Getting ready to start a new miniature. Just unboxed the kit. Stay tuned…

6 thoughts on “Villa on Santorini Island

  1. I adore miniatures, though haven’t had a great deal of success with them. I once got sucked into making a whole 1:12″ dollshouse piece by piece, week by week, it was a bit wibbly wobbly when it was almost complete. Then I adopted two kittens and one of them in a panic to get down from the top of a wardrobe, jumped onto the roof of the dolls house and rendered it to a pile of junk. May I ask where you buy your kits?

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    1. I buy them on different sites. I used to always have luck on ebay but between COVID and who knows what else my shipments either take months or don’t come at all if they are coming from out of the US or UK. has them. There are other sites but you have to be careful because some charge high shipping. Also, on any of the sites I go through and search for the one I want from different sellers because they price them differently. There was one that I bought and a few weeks later they said they had to cancel my shipment. I went back onto ebay and found the same seller selling the same item for about $20 more! Prices have gone up since I started them about a year ago and sometimes I can still find a good deal. One that I wanted so badly was about $115 on one site and I found it for about $65. Everyone is out to make an extra buck off someone else.

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  2. Yes, it’s really disappointing when you feel you are not getting a good deal. I was trying to buy a watercolour journal for a course I am doing in August. The course recommended one so I went to have a look at it. However, the postage from Etsy was nearly $35+ from US to Australia. I felt that was a bit much, and as you say, it is taking forever to get things through the post. I have decided to make one myself as I have all bits and pieces. I was just being lazy, now I have a project.

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    1. I make journals that I sell on Etsy and they want to charge so much for people who might want to buy one from another country. I try to let people know to contact me and I will try to send it through my own mail, postage might be less. It is crazy.


    1. I love it! I have others on my blog. It takes a lot of patience and I do make mistakes. I have learned little tricks along the way. I have noticed that the kits have changed since I started. They don’t come with tools anymore. My daughter thinks I am crazy to think it is fun! Hahahha


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